Still Mean!

The Man Repeller is not just repelling men. Consider me repelled. I don’t think I “get” her, but I don’t think I’d like her if I did.

Why is she everywhere?? Why is she so connected, because there is no other way this girl would be in Harper’s Bazaar, and the subject of nearly every fashion or blog related article on the internet.

Am I resentful? DUH, fuck yes! Why isn’t the world adoring me instead?!?

I’ve been mocking ugly clothes for years now. I’m funny and I have a way with words, ahem.   But I don’t have a schtick! Damn me, this must be the problem. Unless it’s because I’m a cunt, rather than just “snarky.”

I don’t understand how a rich girl who talks about getting cabs in Paris and buys high-end designer stuff can position herself as a critic of fashion victims. I don’t understand why anyone wants to hear the word “ladyboner” or why people begin sentences with the words “I mean.” You can’t begin a sentence with “I mean” unless someone has posed the question, “What do you mean?”

I just read an excruciating interview with the Man Repeller in which she observes that red lipstick is not appealing to men but she finds it sexy. Haha, you silly goose, you clearly know nothing about men or red lipstick! I need you to either go away or give me your parents’ money so I can fix my roof and my two broken teeth.

A leaking roof and broken teeth: That’s what man repelling is all about.

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54 Responses to Still Mean!

  1. niamh says:

    Oh, I love this post, brilliant!
    Keep up the good work, we are all adoring you!

  2. chuck n. says:

    thanks for making me hate her you bitch.

    hahaha, jk jk jk! (please don’t take that seriously)

    it’s true though, her “man-repelling”-ness is now just redundant and rather lame. she was funny at first though!

  3. ll says:

    Come on, what’s not to like, she’s incredibly stylish and an amazing writer to boot. I bet you’re all just hating the fact that someone as privileged as her is . also smart and witty.

  4. karenl says:

    Thank you! I Just started following this person this year and I can’t anymore. Too much easy privilege and access and transparent about it. Plus the blog writing style is really annoying.

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