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Googling Yourself

Yesterday, I made the stupid decision to google “Sister Wolf.” It’s weird to see yourself as others see you. I’m used to interacting with strangers on my own territory but finding yourself being discussed elsewhere is the equivalent of hearing … Continue reading

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Still Mean!

The Man Repeller is not just repelling men. Consider me repelled. I don’t think I “get” her, but I don’t think I’d like her if I did. Why is she everywhere?? Why is she so connected, because there is no … Continue reading

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Sartorial Coolness and Nonchalant Grace

I’ve had an epiphany and here it is: I don’t want to know about anyone’s personal style! After reading about Andrea Linett, a nice woman who looks like Sarah Jessica Parker, at stylelikeu.com, I find the whole Look-at-My-Wardrobe craze to … Continue reading

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All Kinds of Fuckery!

First of all, I see that I foolishly omitted a blogger rocking the black-hat-with-shorts uniform. This one is called Stylorectic and she just had a baby. She seems to really, really love herself and that makes me uncomfortable. I think … Continue reading

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Withstanding Irritants

If it’s not some troll taunting me fives times a day, it’s some guy threatening to sue me, or a new stack of unpayable bills or a photo like this one, of the Man Repeller’s friends. I hope David Carlo … Continue reading

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No More Comments for Jane

“Comments for Jane” was a popular feature that many of us enjoyed, although others felt it was a symptom of an unwholesome obsession. God knows, it inflamed many of Jane’s fanclub in Dallas and around the world. I’ve retired that … Continue reading

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Meet Carrie Blaydes

Carrie Blaydes left her design job at Helmut Lang in New York for an uncertain future down South, with her husband. She has just opened her eBay store, Factory Handbook Vintage. She told me she was going to donate the … Continue reading

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Feminist Bullies

One thing I’ve learned since joining Twitter is that feminism isn’t dead. It’s alive and really irritable. A post at frockwriter about American Apparel seemed perfectly reasonable to me, but caused quite a commotion among super-sensitive feminist tweeters. Frockwriter author … Continue reading

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The End of Decadence

Here is a photo posted on a popular style blog today. The others in the series were NSFW. The handful of comments were enthusiastic. A light finally went on in my head. It’s the fucking decadence that I hate! Not … Continue reading

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Sister Wolf Progress Report

In the last six months, I have gone in and out of various states that are not stages, just different emotional terrain. Shock, disbelief, rage, denial, guilt, and unspeakable agony. It isn’t better as time passes. If anything it is … Continue reading

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