No More Comments for Jane

“Comments for Jane” was a popular feature that many of us enjoyed, although others felt it was a symptom of an unwholesome obsession. God knows, it inflamed many of Jane’s fanclub in Dallas and around the world.

I’ve retired that feature, in part because I like Jane’s mother, Mom of Shoes. She’s a divorced mother of two teenagers, and in that I feel a kinship, even though our lives are so different.   She’s doing her best, just like I am.

However, seeing Jane’s new post about these YSL shoes she acquired in Las Vegas, I felt the old call to duty. Sea didn’t purchase or buy the shoes: it was more magical than that.   She fell in love with them and “as soon as they were mine, I blah blah blah.” Not only that, she’s waiting for another pair in a different color to be shipped to her home. Again, there was no crass “purchasing” or “buying” involved.

Coincidentally, today a reader sent me a link to a pair of colorful overpriced shoes at net-a-porter, and naturally I thought of Sea. I really want her to buy them.

So I am launching this new feature, called “Please Jane, Buy These Shoes!  

Jane, these shoes are only $1,125 and you know you want them. Come on, they’re cute and you like a pop of color, right? Please buy them!

*Citizens, if you see a pair of shoes that seem worthy of this feature, just me send a link! xo

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44 Responses to No More Comments for Jane

  1. Oh Jane yes you must buy these and then you can send me the lovely YSL ones by fairy dust, please x

  2. Mars says:

    Hahaha I love this new feature!

  3. m8 says:

    Love it!!!

  4. sharnek says:

    I will keep an eye out for shoes for Jane and email you the link Dear Sister.

    p.s. I think of you and Max often. Stay strong.

  5. Awwwww, I’ll miss Comments for Jane, but it’s nice to see you and Mom can get on. But this new feature DOES sound fun!

  6. Muffy says:


    Long time reader, first time comment. Please take a look at these shoes….

    Yes, I have Jane on my blogroll, just a perverse pleasure of mine.


  7. Joy D. says:

    You are getting more positive in your old age. Don’t worry your secret is safe with me.

  8. Jane says:

    For someone who tries to be so polarizing you sure are boring.

  9. annemarie says:

    “tries to be polarizing”- What? As far as I know, SW does not try to be polarizing and she is certainly never boring. And for someone who writes about shoes, I think your decision to describe someone like SW, who is smart, eloquent and interesting, all qualities you lack, is rather stupid.

    You’re out of your element here, little girl. Instead, why don’t you go climb a pole in these:

  10. Melvin says:

    I’ll miss comments for Jane but this sounds nice!

  11. Melvin says:

    oh I forgot:

    she has to wear her colourful but of course discreet MiuMiu socks with these:

  12. I just don’t “get” the shoe thing. I just don’t. I want my feet to be comfortable, and I want my shoes to stay on if I have to run. And to go with black pants/jeans. That’s about all I ask of shoes. Sounds like someones gonna have to revoke my “genetic female” status.

  13. the real andrea says:

    Damn, the size 38s are sold out (the link above). As far as Jane goes, I enjoy and find it amusing to see how much she keeps buying. She never ceases to amaze. Keep it up, Jane. As for her mom, I really enjoy the recipes that she posts. Her pictures are vibrant, and “mushroom toast” is a new fave in my household. Her evolving clothing style, not so much. But I still don’t understand how 2 people from one household with different shoe sizes can afford all this super expensive footwear (and clothing) without being in debt up to their eyeballs. And the values that this behavior points to are not some that I would want my 22 year old daughter to exhibit, which she doesn’t, thankfully. It seems to me that some of us are back (and in an even worse way) to the excesses of the Reagan era ’80s.

  14. liz says:

    I can’t lie, the ysl shoes are beautiful even though I would never be able to walk in them or afford them.

    Anyway, I’m dying for her to buy these fruit covered Charlotte Olympia pumps, only $1695.90|CallType=Product&prodId=L5A5&des=&cat=95&gender=women&group=shoes&vendorColor=TVVMVEk=&season=actual&seasProdID=53I

    What the eff is up with the 90 cents???

  15. M8 says:

    I too do not understand how she can buy so much stuff and then post it onto her website like it’s no big deal to buy two pairs of $700 and up shoes… She is getting right up there with the disgusting consumerism of Paris Hilton!

  16. liz says:

    also, LOL, i just saw her new post, and of course, even her lipstick is a whopping $75! christ. I thought my make-up was expensive.

  17. mygreydog says:

    I am so with you, Artful Lawyer! A pair of old Docs are bliss.

  18. Marie says:

    Ha! Where do you guys find these awful things? For a while, I was into the ridiculous, vertiginous, stripper-like shoe fad, but now it seems like the whole process is some kind of awful one-upmanship. The price tags only make the things more ridiculous. Keep ’em coming, SW.

  19. candy says:

    You know, I recently found Sea of shoes blog and that’s how I ended up finding this blog, Well, here is my point of view: I have dificult time with rich people. I grew up in a family where there was abuse and neglect from both parents. Money was tigh because dad was spending it but didn’t take care of his kids. I would say that rich people don’t give a shit about poor people, it’s that simple and I heard it on tv from the mouth of a rich asshole, saying “I don’t care about the poor”. I wouldn’t say I was poor growing up because I had food to eat but new clothes were a rare thing for me. Kids use to make fun of me at school. When I see Jane, I see a spoiled girl, nothing more nothing less. does she read the newspapers? I also would like to add that now I live a decent life, I give to the poor. I love when I give to the poor, that makes me feel useful in this crazy world. I think Jane is immature and thoses shoes are just hideous!!! even if they are YSL, they are not cute, sorry!

  20. Ashley says:

    I have to say I do like her clothes a lot more now. For a while there she was trying to be so unique and her clothes were ugly as shit but she’s finally toned it down.. a little more boring yes, but at least now she doesn’t look batshit crazy. Do love the new shoes, though as soon as I saw that post I knew it would be on this site 😛

  21. candy says:

    Who wears those shoes really? I mean I am very tall and when I wear regular heels, people look at me like I am an alien or something..imagine me wearing those crazy shoes. I don’t blame Jane for choosing those shoes, she is a victim of the new trends.The new trends are out of touch for me…or maybe I am not too in and still like normal shoes. Maybe people who have regular jobs wear normal shoes and those who have a fashion job, wear those crazy shoes in public. I don’t like to be starred at…

  22. Sister Wolf says:

    Joy D – HOW DARE YOU! I’m not even 60!

    sharnek – xoxoxo

  23. Give me a pair of sensible Mum Shoes any day.

  24. Cricket9 says:

    Perfect shoes for a fashion victim. How Jane & Mom can afford them? They have bags of money, that’s how. I’m curious where these bags come from, but I’ve been taught that it’s not polite to ask…
    I said before and I’ll say it again: Jane, save some $$$ for the orthopedic surgeries you’ll have to get done on your feet when you get a bit older. Believe me, it’s coming.
    Sister Wolf may be many things, but she’s not boring, and she’s not “trying” to be polarizing. What does it even mean? “Oh, I’ll try to be polarizing today – what should I post to be insulted by morons”?

  25. the real andrea says:

    I guess people of a certain age (like me) who grew up in the New York of a different time, would remember that the meatpacking district was once populated with S&M clubs and tranny hookers at night. Those shoes are very evocative of that time. Why would anyone want to channel a tranny hooker or look like a a stripper by wearing the same footwear? OK, I get it. it’s OK as long as the shoes cost over $1000.

  26. Nickie Frye says:

    I don’t mind saying that I love those shoes! That said, I can’t afford them & even if I could I wouldn’t feel right spending that kind of money on shoes. Frankly, I have to wonder what the mark up is on a pair of shoes like this. It can’t be THAT expensive to produce them.

  27. kellie says:

    I am thrilled to be a part of the new efforts to make her even more name-brand-y craptacular!!!
    These will be hard to top, but I will work on it.


  28. Nikksters says:

    Is “Jane January 13th, 2011 at 7:07 am” THE Jane???

    RIP Comments for Jane. It really was a consistent shot in the arm to my self esteem. And my funny bone.

  29. Aja says:

    I want these shoes.

  30. Aja says:

    . . . but I will never be able to afford them. That’s life, eh?

  31. Aja says:

    PS – I’m happy you and Judy are friends. She seems pretty cool.

  32. Mary says:

    I love the YSL shoes…sigh…longing….

  33. Hammie says:

    I like the black ones Anne-marie. If you fall over and break your tibia you can wear those instead of a cast = practical.

  34. I want her to get those stripper shoes with the clear platforms and dollar bills inside said platforms as worn by Taylor Momsen….
    As seen here in a hilariously hypocritical article by one of my dearly loved country’s terrible tabloids.

  35. Tricia says:

    I love the ’70’s YSL’s. The Versaces, no, they jump the shark for me.

  36. Sister Wolf says:

    annemarie – Ugh, hideous!

    Melvin – Wow. Those shoes look pretty when they spin around. Jane shoud definitely get them!

    Jane – What an ingrate. Here I am trying to find shoes for you!

    Cricket9 – It’s true, I NEVER try to be “polarizing.” I want everyone to agree with me. Or to just put up with me.

    Nikksters – Yep. Maybe I will bring it back if enough people beg. xo

    Aja – Mom of Shoes has a sense of humor and a good heart. I can never resist that combination.

  37. Marky says:

    Jane, you probably already have these, but if you don’t…,default,pd.html

  38. aube says:

    Jane, get a pedicure.

  39. Ask Jane to buy a pair of shoes? Perish the thought! However, I really think she should curate this pair:

    Even though they cost less than half of what she usually…ummm…what’s an artistically pretentious word for “spends” that I can use to distance the vulgar reality of the money wasted from the holy matrimony of Jane’s feet and these shoes?

  40. Marky says:

    duckalicious, I love you. Love, Marky

  41. Caro says:

    How have you avoided commenting on the trifecta of shoe perfection that is up now? Two pairs of red lacies, and the wickerwork platforms above. Oh… that must be almost 4 grand worth of shoes, right? I’m sure they’re sucking the insider-discount teat at this point, but still.

    I shouldn’t care, but somehow it’s just fucking sickening in a grand dame, “Let them eat cake / wear shoes” kinda way.

    And they are some seriously fugly fucking shoes.

  42. candy says:

    This girl, Jane, bought a new pair of Louboutin, or maybe she had them before, she calls them ballet…ballet are supposed to be flat! the lace in the front look ballet but still.

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