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Catching Up With Jane

I followed Jane, from Sea of Shoes, on Twitter and Instagram until she posted the picture above and I commented, “Nothing wrong here.” Boom, she blocked me. I understand. No one wants any comments that imply one is less than … Continue reading

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Fashion Steal Of The Week

  “A studded metallic heel elevates a beautifully embroidered silhouette in soft Italian fabric.” At $3895.00, these Dolce & Gabanna boots are a great deal. They are made of spandex, nylon and virgin wool, but lined in leather! Oooooh, right? … Continue reading

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Suggestions for Jane™ 3-16-2011

Even though Jane is  understandably upset about Japan, there’s no reason to abandon the hunt for more shoes. “Never compromise on shoes!” is her credo, I believe. Here is an exercise in Goth Stupidity by Rick Owens, described by net-a-porter as … Continue reading

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Suggestions for Jane™ 2-27-2011

My first response to these spring pumps by D&G was: “Sea of Shoes!” I   can’t think of anyone who could wear them better than Jane. No one can do Nutty 70’s Divorcee like Jane does. Somehow she manages to look … Continue reading

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Suggestions for Jane™

Here is the newest “Lita” by Jeffrey “Laughing his ass off” Campbell. The Exclusive Black Shag. At Karmaloop.   (Nickie Frye found them) Jane, before you say no, hear me out. These shoes would show that you are a Man of … Continue reading

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No More Comments for Jane

“Comments for Jane” was a popular feature that many of us enjoyed, although others felt it was a symptom of an unwholesome obsession. God knows, it inflamed many of Jane’s fanclub in Dallas and around the world. I’ve retired that … Continue reading

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Goodnight Jane!

Okay, but don’t tell Clement Hurd.

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“The Camera Never Lies”

Sometimes I forget that people aren’t always what they seem to be online. Even more often, I forget that people don’t always look how they look online. We all get lucky in some photos and less lucky in others. A … Continue reading

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Trouble in Paradise

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Comments For Jane 8-24-2010

Sea has been so busy scouring the earth for new finery that I can barely keep up with her. Just briefly, she was lucky enough to find a long skirt with a leopard   “climbing up it” as well as a … Continue reading

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