Catching Up With Jane

I followed Jane, from Sea of Shoes, on Twitter and Instagram until she posted the picture above and I commented, “Nothing wrong here.” Boom, she blocked me.

I understand. No one wants any comments that imply one is less than fabulous. Especially Jane. So naturally she deletes comments that express worry about her weight.

You know what, when I was 14, I used to only eat egg whites and grapefruit. Finally, circumstances forced me to eat more, and eventually I learned that it’s more fun to eat than to starve. Last night I ate a huge quantity of tortilla chips with hot avocado salsa, and I’m a better man for it, I believe.

I think Jane has mentioned “health issues” and I hope she is okay. I have health issues my self. Seventeen of them, according to a print-out from my doctor, including depression, lumbago, and marijuana use.

I hope she is okay but I don’t think she is. And of course there is nothing I can do. People online discuss her life as though she’s a character in Grey Gardens, but only Jane and her family know the real girl. I watched an old video of her with her mom, and it was disturbing. It made me regret being mean to her, that time I said she had a fat face. What an awful thing to say. I was out of my mind at the time but that’s no excuse.

I’m so sorry for that mean post. I’m not sorry for mocking her blog. It was so mockable that someone had to do it. But I wish I could take back the mean personal insult.

I hope her marriage will bring a new happy life and a chance to broaden her horizons. Here is Jane with her fiance Jeff.  You can read about their engagement over on her blog.

Vaya con Dios, Jane and Jeff!

all photos (c) Sea of Shoes

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9 Responses to Catching Up With Jane

  1. Kellie says:

    Jane looks like she has herself a serious eating disorder. She was mean to you, so I dont like her. But she needs to get herself some help.

  2. Madam Restora says:

    Jeff looks like he’s about to emotionally abuse her in some subtle way. Jane obviously has an eating disorder. Some people are naturally thin, but no one is naturally emaciated.

  3. Andra says:

    I’m sure she can eventually become a useful woman but right now she really doesn’t look human. I wish her luck.

  4. Dj says:

    Fill in the blank:

    Jeff looks……

    Like a pedophile in an alley
    Like he’s going to barf
    Like a drunken uncle checking out his daughter’s friend
    Like he wants the engagement ring back
    Like he wants to shout MAGA!!

  5. Suspended says:

    Jeff looks like he went to the fancy dress party as one of The Monkees, got drunk and started checking out his niece!

    I can’t believe she’s still doing this shit. Who the fuck cares? She must be more bored than her readers. Cut yourself free, Jane!

    The pictures are fucking awful, as is her ‘fetish foot’ in those fleshy hooker shoes.

  6. Jlynn says:

    Boy, his love for her just radiates off the page…

  7. Sister Wolf says:

    Kellie – Help is needed, I’m not sure what kind.

    Madame Restora – Jeff is like a Rorschach test!

    Andra – You are always so nice.

    Dj – Hahahahaha, I can’t choose!!!

    Suspended – Your description = genius. It is humbling to read.

    Jlynn – That or he just ate something that doesn’t agree with him.

  8. HelOnWheels says:

    I instantly thought “Oh, so that’s what Humbert Humbert looks like!” upon seeing that photo of Jeff.

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    HelOnWheels – HEY!!! How are you???? re Humbert Humbert, I always see James Mason, from the movie. Jeff could be point 2 though.

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