Comic Relief From Prada

When I first saw these Prada loafers, I thought “Walrus!” Then, “Groucho Marx!” And finally, “Ew!”  What do you see??

From the rear, you can really appreciate the heel. Are they going for a Gaudi mosaic tribute or just a Disney princess thing?

comic relief from prada

A textured, silvery block heel encrusted with sparkling crystals in shades of blue brings a feminine update to a square-toed loafer finished with genuine shearling tassels.

Uh-oh. I would call this green, not shades of blue. Anyone?  Funnily enough, the whole thing looks different when it’s coming straight at you.

comic relief from prads

Now it’s a smiling shoe making a funny face! Adorable. $1,100 

Remember, when the world is about to blow up or just fall apart, there is always footwear and denim to take the edge off.

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10 Responses to Comic Relief From Prada

  1. Simone says:

    When facing, I see a screaming Fraggle. The Prada label is her impotent tongue hanging frozen in her gaping maw. The hairdo is sublime.

    Pointless remark: I believe that, the way this sentence is constructed, it is the “sparkling crystals” that are supposed to be “shades of blue.”

  2. Mary Liz says:

    That horrible shoe is making a face! that made me smile just like the shoe.

  3. Bevitron says:

    Koo koo ka-choo

  4. David Duff says:

    I always thought ladies were frightened of mice!

  5. Penny says:

    I see over groomed Shih Tzu (black fluffy ears) crossed with something nasty from a Christmas cracker (horrible spangley bits). Mostly I just seen something created by a lunatic on amphetamines, but then I spend my life in wellie boots, so what do I know.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Pretty sure these are de riguer in Emerald City!

  7. Jess says:

    I just saw this on Matches and wasn’t sure what to do but send it to you. It a ballerina hightop combination

  8. Suspended says:

    W?adziu Valentino Liberace!

  9. Dj says:

    I keep seeing Groucho.

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