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Who’s Ready to Slut-Shame Hope Hicks?

If Hope Hicks were a man, in her same position at the White House, we could openly accuse him of being a scumbag who can’t keep his dick in his pants. We’d go, “Wow, he’s already fucked two of Trump’s … Continue reading

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The Lena Dunham Problem, Solved

If you’ve always felt uneasy about disliking Lena Dunham, today she has given you license to go ahead and find her repugnant. You don’t have to struggle with your looks-ism or whatever else was holding you back. She’s an annoying … Continue reading

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How Bossy!

Oh god, political correctness. Now, They want us to ban the word ‘bossy’ because it inhibits girls from ‘leaning in.’ I would much rather ban ‘lean in’ if I were Minister of Language. The new Ban Bossy campaign is predictably … Continue reading

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Luz Del Fuego

Luz Del Fuego was a fascinating woman who founded the first “naturist” club in Brazil in 1955, on the island of Tapuama. She was a dancer, activist and an icon of feminism.  Her murder in 1967 is still surrounded by controversy. … Continue reading

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Fat Thighs

When I’m not thinking about death, I’m thinking about my fat thighs. My brain bounces between the two subjects like a ping-pong ball. I hate these preoccupations but I feel helpless against the tyranny of my depression. Obviously, I am looking for … Continue reading

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Serge Lutens and More

Looking for photos by Serge Lutens, I came across a beautiful blog, Strawberige.   It’s a wonderland of lovely images.   No blogger crap, just pleasure. Then, I ended up at a blog called Fashion Heroines, by someone who says she loves … Continue reading

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Feminist Bullies

One thing I’ve learned since joining Twitter is that feminism isn’t dead. It’s alive and really irritable. A post at frockwriter about American Apparel seemed perfectly reasonable to me, but caused quite a commotion among super-sensitive feminist tweeters. Frockwriter author … Continue reading

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Female Actors

Watching the SAG awards on TV, I laughed each time an award was given to a “female actor.” When did award shows become so pretentious?! Women who  refer to themselves as  “actors” seem much sillier than they need to be. If you’re … Continue reading

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