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Has This Happened to You? *TRIGGER WARNING

You’re getting ready to go to a Halloween party and you’re going as Axl Rose. You’ve got your bandanna on and a t-shirt and you’re struggling to get your leather pants zipped up. They fit okay a couple of years … Continue reading

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Eat Already, For Fucksake!

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Beautiful Leg

  Before today, I have felt offended by images of prosthetic limbs that seemed to fetishize amputees. Even though it’s none of my business what people fetishize, I will always remember the doctor who told Max to consider having his … Continue reading

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Desecrating Your Temple

  Everyone is freaking out about Michelle Kobke, who managed to create a tiny waist by wearing tight corsets. Personally, I find it disturbing to look at, but if her body is her temple, she is free to desecrate it. … Continue reading

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Real-life Photoshop

  Here is a model named Jazzma who’s been hanging out with a billionaire whose longtime girlfriend is Naomi Campbell. I snickered at the deforming photoshopped picture of Jazzma, and googled to see what she really looks like.   Wow, … Continue reading

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Fat Thighs

When I’m not thinking about death, I’m thinking about my fat thighs. My brain bounces between the two subjects like a ping-pong ball. I hate these preoccupations but I feel helpless against the tyranny of my depression. Obviously, I am looking for … Continue reading

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The Horror of Spanx

Why do you have to wear Spanx when you’re pregnant? Isn’t this a time to relax and celebrate your changing body? Since everyone can see you’re pregnant, why do they need you to have a compressed ass and thighs? I … Continue reading

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Thin Enough Yet?

Not too long ago, I complained about the way this model was photoshopped. Now I’d like to complain that she appears to be starving right before our eyes.   I’m sure she is naturally thin, blah blah blah, but this isn’t … Continue reading

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Museum of Fat Love

“I’d like to submit our wedding photo for your Museum of Fat Love. We’ve been married almost three years and the fact that we’re fat doesn’t matter. What matters is that we managed to find each other in the vast … Continue reading

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Skinny Fat Skinny Fat

This is my current favorite model at RevolveClothing. I call her Doll Girl because of her perfect doll-like face and proportions. But today, I saw this picture and did a double-take. What the hell?! Is Doll Girl photoshopped here? Who … Continue reading

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