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Fuck It, Let’s Get Back to Angelina

We have waited patiently for news on the Brad and Angie front, and while there’s no dirt beyond the fake “insiders are saying” stories, here’s something wonderful: Angelina is in early negotiations to star in the Afghanistan war drama “Shoot … Continue reading

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Let’s Take A Moment To Thank Brad And Angie

When I heard this morning that Brad and Angie are getting divorced, I was filled with a deep joy that spread through my being like one of Sting’s tantric orgasms, only better. Who among us has not been waiting for … Continue reading

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Amal Clooney Challenges Angelina Jolie To A Thin Arms Smackdown

Clotheshorse lawyer and handbag hoarder Amal Clooney has issued a challenge to rival Angelina Jolie in the Thin Arms Olympics. Wearing a priceless vintage YSL gown at the Berlin premiere of husband George Clooney’s new movie, Amal looked every inch … Continue reading

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Hideous Denim For 2015

Why is denim so easy to fuck up? 2015 is shaping up to be a ghastly landscape of super ugly denim, in either a misguided nod to normcore or just an expression of creative bankruptcy. Ugly denim pieces are available … Continue reading

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Eat Already, For Fucksake!

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You’re Welcome!

This picture of a very young Angelina Jolie fills my heart with joy.  Keep looking at it until you feel the joy, too. Here, the young Daphne Guinness looks forward to adopting the role of Eccentric Style Icon. See? Life … Continue reading

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Desecrating Your Temple

  Everyone is freaking out about Michelle Kobke, who managed to create a tiny waist by wearing tight corsets. Personally, I find it disturbing to look at, but if her body is her temple, she is free to desecrate it. … Continue reading

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Academy Awards 2012 Exegesis

As far as I’m concerned, the whole event was about Angelina’s leg. When I saw the picture above, soon after the show ended, I was flabbergasted. It never occurred to me that it was a photoshopped joke. What an awful … Continue reading

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Can We Agree on This?

Even though it’s not important and it doesn’t matter, I still want to know about Angelina’s lips.   Everyone seems to accept that those lips are really real. “Just look at Shilo’s lips!” As a teenager, above, her top lips was … Continue reading

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Before Angelina

Before there was Angelina Jolie, there was Claudia Cardinale.   She reminds me of Angelina, but Claudia is earthier, more sensual, more European. Less otherworldly but so much sexier. I first saw her in the Pink Panther when I was a … Continue reading

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