Real-life Photoshop

Jazzma instagram


Here is a model named Jazzma who’s been hanging out with a billionaire whose longtime girlfriend is Naomi Campbell. I snickered at the deforming photoshopped picture of Jazzma, and googled to see what she really looks like.

jazzma runway


Wow, right? Look at that midsection. It’s like she’s a LIVING photoshop creation!

If I could photoshop my body, I’d give myself big boobs and toned thighs, and I’d stay away from Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend.

What about you?

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17 Responses to Real-life Photoshop

  1. Cricket9 says:

    Ugh, it – I mean her midriff – is very alien-like, and not in a good way.
    Big boobs are a pain, really don’t know why anyone would want them, and I’m sure you HAVE toned tights. As for me – I’m not photoshopping anything. Comparing to most gringas around, I’m a fucking goddess. As the British say – can’t be arsed.

  2. She looks like one of those blue people out of Avatar.

  3. Debbie says:

    She’s weird looking. Waist is unrealistically tiny and hips are way big. I’ll bet Naomi is sharpening her knives. Or her telephone.


  4. David Duff says:

    Yeeeees, I think, after due consideration and a careful, judicious scrutiny of the pros and cons, yes, “I’d stay away from Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend”.

    Mind you, I’d stay away from his girlfriends, too!

  5. Cricket9 says:

    Blue people were, IMO, more attractive. Right Debbie, there will be a phone flying anytime – and I don’t mean a cellphone.

  6. what says:

    I have a Black friend with a waist and hip ratio similar to that. It is insane. If she starved herself she might look something like that. She is so freaking attractive though it is almost inhuman. One time we were walking in NYC and cars would pull over because they genuinely thought she was a prostitute because of the way her hips moved when she walked. But, they only moved like that because they were completely isolated from the rest of her body because she basically has no waist. I imagine their organs are really tiny?

  7. Kellie says:

    Her midsection looks like the necks of women who are forced to wear those rings to stretch them.
    Was she forced to wear very tight corsets or metal rings as a child?

    And would that work for me now?

  8. Sister Wolf says:

    Kellie – YES, you nailed it. And I agree with “what” about, where are the organs.

  9. Bevitron says:

    Isn’t it just that she has that kind of fat distribution where the hip & upper thigh got an extra layer or two? If you block out from just below the waist to mid-thigh, her waist looks perfectly normal sized & in proportion to her upper body.

    Or: yeah, it looks kinda weird & freaky. I’m so glad I’m no longer enslaved to ass-size ideals and have let it grow wild and free.

  10. Ugh! Plus have been commenting lately and none have appeared or else my comments are as weird as a weirdy torso

  11. Sandra says:

    She does look very… long. But I don’t think this is a good discussion to have.

  12. ali says:

    I am only worried about her organs. More power to her, to Naomi, to the billionaire, and to the ace who braved the wilds to capture this photo. May they find happiness in their respective strengths and talents.

    Tonight I am gonna need to slather my forehead with some of that anti-aging shit Sea pimps out (which I actually bought).

  13. Michael says:

    I think she is a specimen of female beauty, absolutely stunning.

  14. Sister Wolf says:

    Make-Do – Shit! I don’t know why anything would happen to your comments! Even the obvious spam shows up on my dashboard!

    Sandra – Yeah, you’re right, but I couldn’t resist.

    ali – What kind of shit does Sea use?? I think everyone should use renova, because that’s what I use and I’m nearly 60. Her skin is porcelain because she’s both young AND a freak of nature.

  15. Sister Wolf says:

    Michael – Good for you.

  16. Michael says:

    Sister Wolf – Thanks… 🙂

  17. Monica says:

    “If I could photoshop my body, I’d give myself big boobs and toned thighs, and I’d stay away from Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend.”

    Heh heh. From your lips to God’s ears. I personally would reverse the order of that sentence though. I don’t think my toned thighs would matter when Naomi is chocking the shit outta me.

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