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The Passion of the Wordist

Yesterday, I heard MSNBC commentator Ari Melber discussing the infamous memo, and he described it as parsimonious. Naturally, I was upset. I love Ari Melber. He is so smart, so affable and charming, and I even like his infatuation with … Continue reading

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Millennials Ruin Everything

On an excursion to downtown L.A., we came across this hipster outside a coffee house, reading Nausea. It was like seeing a panda in its own habitat, only better.  I know it looks posed, but I swear to god he … Continue reading

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A New Class of Boy Toy

Seeing this photo of Mrs. Hulk Hogan with her new companion, I remembered a conversation with my friend Andy.   He’d been noticing a new trend of single older women dating men who were neither young   nor successful. They were men … Continue reading

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Stendahl’s Syndrome & Wordschmerz

“Stendahl’s Syndrome” refers to the symptoms of dizziness, racing heart, and rapture brought about by an encounter with great art. Isn’t that a cool term? While looking at various definitions of Stendahl’s Syndrome, I came upon this list of popular … Continue reading

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