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*Clarification, Beckywise*

*A friend said on fb that she was depressed by my last post. My answer to her may clarify my position, which my tone might have obscured.  Have not yet heard back from her. But here it is.  Feel free … Continue reading

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Suck it Up, White Women!

Regarding the recent take-down of white women called “The 5 Types of Becky,” I’d like to register my indignation, EVEN THOUGH white women are not allowed to join any conversation about white privilege. Our white voices are not welcome because, … Continue reading

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Apologies To Leslie Jones, Even Though I’m White

I want to apologize to Leslie Jones for the awfulness of people on the Internet. When she was abused on Twitter by a bunch of brain-damaged racist trolls led by some cunt from Breitbart, I was truly aghast at the … Continue reading

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Calibrating Distress

For those of you who use ‘social media,’ did you notice how quickly concern for the dead lion evoked angry complaints that ‘black lives matter?’ People weren’t done mourning for whoever they were mourning for and they resented the outrage … Continue reading

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Don’t Smack Your Kid Around, Hero Mother

At first I thought that video of the angry Baltimore mother smacking her teenage son was kind of comical. I was a little embarrassed for the mother, who came off like a stereotype over-the-top ghetto mom, screaming about I’ll hit … Continue reading

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And For Our Jewish Friends…

In my 20s, a hundred years ago, I remember enjoying newspaper ads for grocery stores that said “And For Our Jewish Friends,” with photos of Hanukkah or Passover food. I enjoyed what I felt was the discreet racism of “Our … Continue reading

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My favorite aspect of the Borat character is his antisemitism. Naturally, my appreciation of this relies on the knowledge that Sacha Baron Cohen is Jewish. And the more Jewish I feel, the more I feel at liberty to mock Jewishness. … Continue reading

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Asian Beauty and Racism

I’m looking forward to V Magazine’s “Asian Issue,” available May 12. Ten per cent of the proceeds will go to help Japan, so you can feel virtuous while admiring a group of stunning Asian models. But is it racist to … Continue reading

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Nancy Cunard

Nancy Cunard was an heiress who rejected her family’s values and spent much of her life fighting racism and fascism. “She became a muse to some of the 20th century’s most distinguished writers and artists, including Wyndham Lewis, Aldous Huxley, … Continue reading

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Cunt of the Week™: Dr. Laura Schlessinger

If you haven’t heard this recording of Dr. Laura yelling “Nigger nigger nigger!” to a caller who asked for advice on dealing with racism, turn up your speakers. This bitch is clearly out of her fucking mind and needs to … Continue reading

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