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A Different Jane to Bitch About

Jane Pratt has finally launched her new online magazine and I want to know why something so awful and pointless can even get off the ground. Everything about it is stupid and bad. And where’s Tavi?? Remember when this was … Continue reading

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Serge Lutens and More

Looking for photos by Serge Lutens, I came across a beautiful blog, Strawberige.   It’s a wonderland of lovely images.   No blogger crap, just pleasure. Then, I ended up at a blog called Fashion Heroines, by someone who says she loves … Continue reading

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Jezebel Has Standards

I started reading Jezebel.com when they reported on Terry Richardson‘s bad behavior, earlier this year. I was really impressed by the muck-raking spirit of the writer, who followed the story with several updates. One was about how awesome Tavi was … Continue reading

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“Fashion Jews”

What the hell are “Fashion Jews?”   Amy Odell is losing it over at The Cut. The Cut is a HUGE blog. How can this headline still be up after it appeared this morning?! What next, Fashion Blacks? Or is it … Continue reading

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The Perfect Template!

They forget the monkey fur, but otherwise, perfect, don’t you think?

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Refinery 29 just launched a Los Angeles-based blog and here is part of today’s post about redheads, written by the editor: Maybe all the brunettes are lightening up for summer or maybe there’s something appealing about standing out in the … Continue reading

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Something Different

Tonight I can truthfully say that I’m sick of everything. Or rather, the same old everything. I need something new to look at and fixate on. I can’t take any more dumb idiots, dumb whores or dumb dummies. No more … Continue reading

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Comments For Jane 3/18/2010

Okay, it’s time to get serious. After reading a new interview with Sea here, and then having a look at her “other” blog, I see there is something going on. Upon deliberating, I think I have cracked the code. Sea … Continue reading

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For the Bad-Writing Enthusiast

Not too long ago, I applied for a job at the Refinery 29 blog.   They offered me an interview but the job turned out to be in New York.     Reading the following post, I realize that I couldn’t write such … Continue reading

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Guess What the Rodarte Sisters Gave Me!

Nah, just kidding. They don’t know me and I don’t know them. I have never looked at the Satorialist or any other blog that shows people on the street. I don’t want to know about Twitter. But I do spend … Continue reading

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