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Two “It Girls” for the Price of One

Here is Vanessa Traina, an It Girl I’ve only just discovered thanks to a magazine editorial on her grotesque and pretentious crib, which features a large quantity of fur and a stuffed zebra. I was going to devote a full … Continue reading

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Jezebel Has Standards

I started reading Jezebel.com when they reported on Terry Richardson‘s bad behavior, earlier this year. I was really impressed by the muck-raking spirit of the writer, who followed the story with several updates. One was about how awesome Tavi was … Continue reading

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A No-Boobs Zone

Have you noticed lately that there’s no escape from boobs? Every other fashion editorial sneaks in a model’s boob, if not complete nudity. Is this the Terry Richardsonization of fashion photography, or just the continuing of The End Of Innocence … Continue reading

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Dear Tavi, Welcome aboard the Terry Richardson Hoopla Machine! Better late than never. May I quote your blog from yesterday? “I know this won’t do anything. I kind of thought that the Not Okay stuff would end after all that … Continue reading

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Christopher Lee Sauve: What a Fucking Cunt™!

Christopher Lee Suave is an artist who recently designed this t-shirt, a “commentary on the Terry Richardson scandal,” according to Fashionista.   Lauren Sherman asks Suave, “What made you take on the whole Terry Richardson thing?” Suave answers: “I was reading all … Continue reading

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Cunt of the Week™: Tamara Mellon

Just to make sure we get how outrageous she is, Tamara Mellon, co-founder of has-been shoe company Jimmy Choo, posed nude for loathsome pervert/rapist Terry Richardson. Correctly deducing that the new line of $600 Jimmy Choo sneakers wasn’t horrific enough … Continue reading

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A Genius Speaks

On the subject of Terry Richardson, here is blogger ‘Gnarlitude Jen’: “If someone is uncomfortable in any situation, they have the fucking choice to say NO. Sorry but this is a choice those models made. If he got naked and … Continue reading

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H&M Responds

Dear [Sister], Thank you for your email. One of the campaigns at H&M this spring was shot by Terry Richardson. We always have an H&M representative present during our fashion shoots and we have no information that something inappropriate has … Continue reading

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Still More Terry Richardson

Marc Jacobs has revealed to the WSJ: “I’ve worked with Terry and Terry has asked me to do some crazy things. I know that those pictures will exist if I do them. But I’m a big boy and I can … Continue reading

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Terry Richardson Update: Condé Nast CEO Responds

Thanks to our writing campaign protesting the unconscionable behavior of fashion/perv photographer Terry Richardson, Condé Nast’s CEO Charles Townsend has responded to our concerns.   Note that Mr. Townsend is “appalled” by what he now knows about Richardson’s conduct. Yay Chuck!   … Continue reading

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