Terry Richardson Update: Condé Nast CEO Responds

Thanks to our writing campaign protesting the unconscionable behavior of fashion/perv photographer Terry Richardson, Condé Nast’s CEO Charles Townsend has responded to our concerns.   Note that Mr. Townsend is “appalled” by what he now knows about Richardson’s conduct. Yay Chuck!   And yay Andrea!

“People have the power.” -Patti Smith

From: “Townsend, Chuck”
Date: March 22, 2010 10:46:55 AM EDT
To: Andrea
Subject: RE: photographer Terry Richardson

Thank you, Andrea. I’ve received more email on the subject this morning than I can read, unfortunately.   I have forwarded it to our fashion people here. They make the creative decisions. I’m appalled at what I have read.   Respectfully,   C. Townsend

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16 Responses to Terry Richardson Update: Condé Nast CEO Responds

  1. Ann says:

    I dream, DREAM, of the day that a letter-writing campaign based on facts would make a difference. I hope he is appalled and I hope someone does something.

    “Power to the people.” – John Lennon

  2. boops says:

    oh my god! where have i been? yeah, there’s a lot of grey area out there that pervs hide out in and this guys seems to have found his niche. i hope he gets his comeuppance.

  3. Ethan James says:

    I really think you should remove Mr Townsend’s e-mail address from this post, to protect him from the mass of Lauren Conrad wannabe’s that will now be sending copious amounts of e-mails requesting internships.

  4. Sister Wolf says:

    Ethan – He’s a big boy and he can handle it. I found his email by recruiting my son Max to figure it out. It isn’t listed anywhere. Therefore, any LC wannabe who’s as smart as Max (not many, admittedly) could figure it out herself.

  5. I really hope that this does change the course of sleaze bucket Richardson’s career but I’m worried by Townsend’s ‘passing’ it to the fashion people. When has any fashion person done the right thing!

  6. Sister Wolf says:

    Make Do – Yep, but we will follow up with Conde Nast. They can’t just deny responsibility. They’ll have to at least take a stand.

  7. Stella Mayfair says:


  8. hammie says:

    The power of the Wolf xx

  9. XuXu says:

    This is exactly why “Cunt of the Week” excels!!!

    We should slam the designated with one day -(random to them)
    of email! Or, in this case, those that employ them.

    So Proud Of The Wolf and The Andrea!!!!

  10. boops says:

    Thought: if you feel like the fashion people won’t respond, I wonder how they would feel about a letter writing campaign to their advertisers? I feel a little “Tipper Gore” about this but I hate sleaze buckets.

  11. Dru says:

    Here is the response I received :
    Dear Ms. _____ (my surname)
    I am not personally familiar with Mr. Richardson. I know nothing of what you refer to with regard to his behavior, but if it is factual, I do not condone such behavior. Thank you for sharing your concerns with me. Respectfully, C. Townsend

    I hope this does not get sidelined and glossed over like every other uncomfortable issue in fashion. And I’m all on board with the “contact the advertisers” too.

  12. Moda says:

    Sent my email off to Chuck. Terry Richardson is repulsive excuse for a human being.

  13. Jill says:

    Go to Santa Fe for two frigging nights and look what I miss!

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