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On the subject of Terry Richardson, here is blogger ‘Gnarlitude Jen’:

“If someone is uncomfortable in any situation, they have the fucking choice to say NO.
Sorry but this is a choice those models made. If he got naked and they weren’t having it, walk the fuck out. Otherwise, don’t complain about him later when you chose to be there. If your agency drops you because you didn’t want to suck him off, well then that’s that. Don’t give me none of this pussy shit. So now everyone reads all these ‘terrible stories and omg he’s such a bad guy’. Has no one seen his photos before? What’d they think was gonna happen? All good clean fun and maybe some prayer circle after?
So if a model gives him a hand job, did he force his dick in their hand? If they’re that hungry for fame that they’re willing to do whatever to get it, including sucking him off and then whining all over about it later then fuck them.”

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  1. Dru says:

    I honestly didn’t mind her blog before, but is she bloody stupid? It’s called SEXUAL HARASSMENT, you fucking moron, the fact that Terry Richardson takes naked pictures of people does not make it ok for him to feel up his models when they don’t want to be felt up, or pressure them into performing sexual favours when they don’t want to do it. And I can’t believe she seems to be suggesting that having done it before, makes it ok to do it again.

    Are hipsters total and complete shits or something? Or is misogyny/blaming the victim now “rad”?

  2. Rabid says:

    I don’t know, she lost me when she got all self righteous about how her friends should be able to use copyrighted music related prints on tshirts because they love the music and a bunch of other typical hipster drivel that makes me uncomfortable with being from the same generation as those types. I guess she just always struck me as an obnoxious poseur who tries too hard to seem “punk”.

    So no, not fuck them, fuck you Miss Loudmouth Gnarlitude. Why aren’t you a model anymore “little miss financially secure”? Anyone who has to loudly display that they’re financially secure on the internet should be given no credibility what-so-ever.

  3. r says:

    Sister wolf, do you take nominations for Cunt of the week? I put forward one vote for gnalitude.

  4. Cybill says:

    I get what she is saying but she is speaking from a womans point of view, not a girls and really its just more complicated than that.

  5. Angie says:

    My God! What the hell is this obnoxious, stupid drivel?! I can’t believe I just read that statement. I nominate Gnarlitude for Stupid Douche of the Week.

  6. kate says:

    she so wants the richardson. with no pussy shit!

  7. Braindance says:

    I am with Cybill, she is stupid, and maybe it touched a nerve because it is something she has done in the past, that now she is trying to internalize and justify to herself the choice she made to give head to get ahead in a very dysfunctional industry?

    Ooo, check me, Dr Braindance, I am scarily close to Judge Judy. Who I love & hate in equal measures.

    Doe’s she really think young women, sometimes girls who keep stchum about sexual harrasment deserve a medal of valour?
    And ladies who speak out about dirty, borderline peados deserve not to work?
    Would she be ok with her own daughter, say she had one, giving a old man a hand job so she could front the next Marc Jacobs campaign?

    “If someone is uncomfortable in any situation, they have the fucking choice to say NO.

    If your agency drops you because you didn’t want to suck him off, well then that’s that. Don’t give me none of this pussy shit.

    Those two statments contradict each other on so many levels.

  8. Margot says:

    She writes like an arse, has attitudes of an arse and would probably love Richardson up her arse! IDIOT!

  9. Faux Fuchsia says:

    Girlfriend wouldn’t be taking this view if her daughter was one of the Models.

  10. Nic says:

    I think everyone is entitled to their opinion but wow this seems so niave or jaded, i haven’t made my mind up.
    Did it not enter her head that having a booking with a famous photographer like that cunt richardson (and his dispicable minions/assistants whom i think are just as responsible as him) could be a very stressful and pressurized enviroment for a young girl and therefore she might feel she had to do the things that she wouldn’t normally do.
    Yes they could have said no and walked out but some girls wouldn’t have because they were foiled by him and his cohorts for the moment into thinking ‘it’s just fashion’.
    He held a privileged position which he abused, it makes me sick

    Ps. I don’t usually say cunt i saved especially for him!

  11. OMGGMAB says:

    She’s probably ugly, having wished her whole life she could be a model, and would have done Terry Richardson if she could get in front of his camera.

  12. Margot says:

    Well, she claims to bee an ex-model, which is more like wishful thinking,if you look at her photos. Point is, it’s incredibly narrow minded arguments she is spewing out, and she comes across like the typical misogynist blaming the woman she was raped. Apalling…..

  13. JEN
    “27 year old financially secure french sex maniac ex model junkie alcoholic insomniac house guest”.

    that’s deep. I love her already.

  14. Dru says:

    She’s 27? I can’t even blame this stupidity on teenage cluelessness, then.

    Where did you find this quote, Sister? It doesn’t appear to have been posted on her blog (which I mostly quite liked, and am now disappointed in)

  15. Jill says:

    I’m not familiar with her blog…so I don’t know her background. From my own experience…not having been a model, but working with men when I was in my teens and early twenties…I did not have the confidence or wherewithal to tell an older man to fuck off when I was being sexually harassed. I tried to play it off with a stupid giggle and hope that my acting capabilities of idiotism would frustrate attempts and they would get bored and leave me alone. I was fortunate that the work I did (hostessing, retail, hospital work) did not include nudity on my part…so clothing provided a bit of armor. And luckily no one whipped their dick out. Oh, except this demented old man who grabbed my hand and stuck it under the sheets so I could grab his shriveled dick. I was 14 and totally grossed out.

  16. Ann says:

    Dude, fuck that bitch. “What’d they think was gonna happen?” Oh, really? So that makes it OK?

    When she finds herself in such a situation and reacts the way she describes, she can run her mouth. Til then, she needs to quit spewing such sanctimonius crap.

  17. Iron Chic says:

    I get a kick out of her blog too! I’ve never once read an intelligent sentence on that thing…her and her husband are sooo punk rock in their $1000 boots and jackets.
    We’re talking about a person who worships that twat Daphne Guiness.

  18. annemarie says:

    Oh, yes Braindance, this touched a nerve all right.

    The content of her blog is always superficial, but I always get the feeling that the reason for the vacuous and predictable content is not that she’s a stupid person, but that she’s really fucking sad, that she’s actually in terrible pain. Of course she’d probably scoff at that– she feels no pain. No, wait– she likes pain. Right.

    So here’s what’s going on:


  19. mutterhals says:

    I completely agree with everything she said. I don’t believe all women everywhere are so stupid and weak willed that they can be lead astray by anyone with a penis. That, to me, is more sexist than anything Richards’ has done.

  20. patni says:

    It is not just high fashion jobs. It is all jobs. Perhaps a “I don’t wake up for less than 10 grand a day” type can tell him to fuck off. A 21 year old girl who needs her paycheck at MacDonalds or wherever can’t always tell her boss to fuck off even if she has the cojones, because she needs the money to pay her rent and buy her groceries. The same rules apply to all. It is illegal to make some one uncomfortable with your sexual acts, comments or innuendo. It is illegal to make you fulfilling their sexual demands necessary for getting or keeping a job.
    He can be as pervy and nasty as he pleases, he can take pictures of ladies with their legs tied behind their heads being analy raped by ketchup bottles, but he cannot legally wag his willy if they don’t want him to. And he cant suggest to them that they need to say ok in order to get the job. Its against the law.
    And miss fake bad ass gnarlitude should remember that. She shouldn’t have to make the choice between nasty sex and work, and dignity. And if she is raped? it is not her fault. Never ever. No matter how she dresses or acts. Its the same thing really…

  21. Braindance says:

    “I don’t believe all women everywhere are so stupid and weak willed that they can be lead astray by anyone with a penis. ”

    No, nor do I, but there is a big difference between using your femine charms to get where you think you think you want to be, and being used for sexual gratification by a fashion despot.
    Try and think outside your own experience, would you, say at 16-18, half naked, in a foreign country with no friends or family be able to deflect the fashion scumbag squad? Really?
    And if you couldnt, does that really make you stupid & weak willed? Or does it make you a victim of those stronger & more powerful than you?

    Your statement & Jen’s is like saying we know this depraved power abuse goes on but lets do or say nothing about it, it’s not going to change.

    Well it may not for morons like you, but some of us do have some optimism in the human spirit and the ability to influence and change things in a positive way.
    Your the one who sounds weak willed for spouting an old as time itself male doctrine, that you have adopted in some kind of attempt at a misguided post feminist persona

    Maybe, just maybe, there is a chance the man is innocent, and I am the moron for believing what I read, but I doubt it

  22. hoochiegucci says:

    what a fucking fucking cunt

  23. Bessie the cow says:

    You go Braindance!

    Gnarlitude Jen’ statement is out of touch with reality, and it made me throw my cud up!

  24. mutterhals says:

    Don’t call me a moron. You don’t know shit about me, other than the few sentences I wrote, and you completely misunderstood what I said anyway, so I guess that makes you the moron.

    What I’m saying is you, and pretty much everyone else here, are subscribing to the theory that every young girl is just a dewy eyed wood nymph wandering into the big bad forest of modeling and being taken advantage of by pervy photogs. Which is, in and of itself, a sexist attitude.

    What I’m saying is, maybe some of these girls used Richardson’s high profile for their own selfish reasons, maybe they were bigger perverts than him and they got off on what went on, maybe they were uncomfortable with the scenario but decided to grin and bear it, etc. While it may be unethical, while it might be pervy, it’s not the horrible affront to civilization that you would like it to be.

    Let me ask you a question, spokes-thingie for hallowed Mama Feminism, what do you make of the fact that women involved in extra marital affairs get book deals and magazine covers, while the men involved get sex rehab and condemnation? Is that feminism in action?

  25. Braindance says:

    You pretty much repeated what I said in my first few sentences, but used a lot more words to say it

    Of course I do not think every girl is a dewy eyed woodland nymph, (nice use of imagery) I am a grown woman with children of my own, I have used and been used.

    I am not moronic enough to think that every girl who has been in his studio has been arse banged by the big bad wolf against her will.
    My point is, that I am sure I have made clear enough whilst pretending to work is: Richardson is a sexual predator in a world quite chocka block with young girls. He is able to abuse some of them, to what degree I do not know, but if he is, I know it’s not right.
    Yeah yeah, some of the girls used him, yada yada. I am sure they did, but what has that got to do with his abuse of power?
    I would chop his cock off personally if he even looked at my daughter the wrong way, whether she “went along with it or not”

    And as for your last paragraph, what are you talking about? Is that a set question you just covered in your last module?

  26. annemarie says:

    Mutterhals– being young, naive, impressionable, needing to make a living does not mean that you are “stupid” or “weak-willed.” Nor does it mean, necessarily, that you are female. How sexist of you to say so.

  27. Eliza says:

    “Let me ask you a question, spokes-thingie for hallowed Mama Feminism, what do you make of the fact that women involved in extra marital affairs get book deals and magazine covers, while the men involved get sex rehab and condemnation? Is that feminism in action?”

    Of course not. Just as I am equally appalled female sex offenders routinely receive lighter sentencing while men who have never been assaulted crack jokes about her perceived attractiveness and more or less tell her victims they should be grateful for the experience.

    What you have taken as an affront to gender is really an issue of age and maturity, which I suspect you must be similarly lacking.

  28. Dru says:

    mutterhals, quoting you:

    “maybe they were uncomfortable with the scenario but decided to grin and bear it..”

    By the sounds of it, that’s what Jamie Peck did. The fact that she was pressured, rather than outright tied up with a gun to her head, doesn’t mean that what Terry Richardson did was not sexual harassment at the very least, and coercion at worst.
    also: “it may be unethical..”

    Damn right it is. You admit the possibility, and then scold us for making a fuss. About unethical behavior.

    and “what do you make of the fact that women involved in extra marital affairs get book deals and magazine covers, while the men involved get sex rehab and condemnation?”

    So now we have to have equal-opportunity treatment for adultery? (which, for all its other horrible faults, is by and large committed consensually between people).
    I think the women getting mag covers etc and men getting sent to rehab pales in significance compared to the fact that in the very situation being discussed in this post, the rich, pervy photographer who gets his dick out and expects his models to jerk him off is being defended to the skies, while the women (girls, really- none of them were older than 21 at the time) he uses are accused of “using” him. This is apparently post-feminism/hipsterdom in action. I don’t believe that the female half of an equation deserves to be let off easy when they’ve done something wrong, but what you’re saying really has nothing to do with the topic of the post.

    I also second everything annemarie says.

  29. erika says:

    I don’t know why this is such a divisive thing. Maybe all the pervs are having to check themselves. It’s hit a sore spot. I don’t subscribe to the trash aesthetic and this dude appears to be some kind of royalty in that court. i’m guessing it’s a case of anything goes – You are totally allowed to fondle the peasants – ya know.
    The comment by this woman reminds me of the girls I know who take pride in having no female friends, only guys because they “understand” her.

  30. These kinds of statement are so telling of someone’s intellect and most certainly their empathy for humankind. Nothing burns me more then women who blame other women/girls for their own sexual harassment, rape, oppression, et al.

    Give me a fucking break.

  31. theresa says:

    wow. that is truly horrifying. women who have this sort of attitude about sexual harassment have probably sexually harassed though…. so it is not only horrifying, but also worrying.

  32. Jelly says:

    Ha, I also nominate Gnarly for Cunt of the Week. The only thing worse than the sexual predator is the fucktard who justifies his actions (and does so with little intelligence and grace).

  33. Sister Wolf says:

    mutterhals – Didn’t you call someone commenting here an “ass” last time? Are you just a troll or are you someone looking for a real dialogue?

    I am not a feminist, personally. But I am always, always on the side of the oppressed, the weak, the underdog. In other words, the side without the power.

    Notice that I have never mocked a blogger who isn’t well-established or influential.

    Why are you so angry? Explain yourself, if you can.

  34. J says:

    Sister, why don’t you consider yourself a feminist?

  35. Sister Wolf says:

    J – Because I’m not overly concerned about “equality”, because I don’t like female sportscasters or male strippers. I like men to call me “honey”and it’s great if they open the car door for me.

  36. Trashforce Reaper says:

    This is an April Fools, yes? You’ve replicated her “blogging voice” so well if it is that it’s hard to say!

  37. erika says:

    “I like men to call me “honey”and it’s great if they open the car door for me.”

    I’m a feminist and I not only like car doors opened but expect them. Instead of honey though I do prefer darling.

  38. damaia says:

    The definition of feminism has been so skewed. Good lord. Listen, people:

    You’re a feminist if you believe women should vote.
    You’re a feminist if you believe women can work outside the home.
    You’re a feminist if you believe women can own and inherit property.
    You’re a feminist if you believe women can obtain a divorce.
    You’re a feminist if you believe women and men are equal under the law.

    Feminism isn’t about pet names and opening car doors. It’s more important than that.

  39. e says:

    Sister wolf – do you think women should be allowed to choose their path in life freely and not be forced into roles they do not want?

    Than you’re a feminist.

    I know there are HUGE stigmas against that word these days – just like how PETA ruined saying you’re an animal rights activist – but that doesn’t mean that the fundamental argument has changed. A few whiny idiots like Andrea Dworkin may have ruined the IMAGE of feminism in our society, but truth be told we owe the early suffragettes like Elizabeth Cady Stanton our fucking LIVES for having changed the world for us.
    If it weren’t for them we would still be forced into unhappy marriages and barred from voting, working, and getting an education.

    Look at it this way – feminism is a HUUUUUGE umbrella term covering all sorts of people, who just happen to agree on one basic principle – Though people can be very different in many ways, we all deserve to be treated equally. Men, women, EVERYBODY. I’m sure you agree with that.

    In NO way does feminist equal “manhater” – there were very, very few women in the 60s movement who felt that way, but of course the ones that did ruined us for the rest of us. I wish I could find the study I read in which researched found that women who identified themselves as feminists actually harbor less resentment towards men than women who do not. If I do, I will send it to you!

    Anyway, it just makes me so sad to hear a woman with a strong opinion that I respect say she is not a feminist – because she usually IS!!!

    You can ABSOLUTELY be a feminist and enjoy being called honey and have car doors opened for your! “Equality” just means under the law, it doesn’t dictate how you want to be treated by your friends and family!

    I love my boyfriend’s muscles, I often need him to open jars for me, sometimes he carries me around for fun, I wear loads of pink and ruffles, and makeup and high heels every day – and I am a feminist! It doesn’t dictate your personal life.

    Think about it!

  40. mutterhals says:

    Why am I angry? I don’t know, because I am. Why are you so obtuse? I wasn’t trying to be combative, I just notice that everyone else who comments here automatically agrees with you, which basically puts a big target on anyone’s back who disagrees.

    In the argument against Richardson and people like him, I see a lot double standards and prudishness, two things I despise. I’m not a feminist. I don’t particularly like feminists, I don’t tend to agree with them on anything other than their basic principles, and I often have to laugh at their gynocentric world view. Today’s feminist is just a female chauvinist, plain and simple. And I’ll say it again, supposing all young women are innocent and easily led astray is a sexist attitude. Selah.

  41. Sister Wolf says:

    Trashforce -I would have used “rad” more. It’s in a thread at Nadia & Cami’s blog.

    erika, damaia, and e -Ah, in that case, Yes, I am a feminist!

    mutterhals – I’m only obtuse with people who lob shit like gynocentric and selah at me. I will consider you a contrarian rather than a troll, and you can disagree me all you want. HOWEVER! No one said that all young women are innocent. That’s just you looking for an argument.

    As for prudishness, jesus, go somewhere else if you want something more NSFW. I’ll say this one last time – I DON’T WANT THAT CUNT RICHARDSON WAVING HIS FUCKING COCK AROUND DURING FASHION PHOTO SHOOTS.

  42. aine says:

    Okay mutterhals you peddled this shitty arguement last week so i want links to articles and comments that paint this story in this sexist light, i want quotes from sister wolf where she says that all women are just innocent little lambs with not one pervy inclination or mercenary thought in her head.
    Lots of commentators have responded to this story not out of prudishness or to damn young women’s sexual interests or habits but out of concern for the models who were coerced or humiliated by Uncle Terry (gross) in front of groups of assistants. By all means people should be allowed to indulge whatever kinky fucked up scenarios they like, but with consenting adults who dont have the prospect of being fired hanging over she or he’s head.
    BTW SW i think half of your post should have been bitching out on Gnarlitude Jen for that clusterfuck of stupidity that is her name, i mean c’mon thats just a serious abuse of language.

  43. aine says:

    Sorry i meant in their heads not her head

  44. Dru says:

    mutterhals- if anyone sounds obtuse here, it’s not Sister Wolf. I do not automatically agree with Sister on things and no targets have gone up on my back so far. Maybe that’s because I’m not a moron about it? (SW/any commenters are free to disagree, though).

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Terry Richardson is free to screw around with models if they’re willing, enthusiastic and of legal age. Far be it from me to judge things done between two consenting adults. But when he is basically coercing young people into performing sex acts on him because they need the money/the work and he is a powerful corporate-endorsed fashion photographer with a slice of ‘edgy’ on the side, jeez that’s sexual harassment- or it would be called so in any other work environment.
    He can take naked pictures all day if he likes, but don’t expect me to believe the line of logic that says the women he photographs basically signed on to be pawed at and worse when they signed a model release form for him. Surely one does not have to endorse sexual harassment in order to avoid charges of prudishness from people like you? (and, for the record, my response would be no different if the content of Mr Richardson’s work were clean as roses, or if he had been female).

  45. no sane person just wags their penis for everyone.

    that’s really offensive for men and women.

  46. Good grief I missed this one due to paralysis at the in-laws. Well what a comment box. Yes why do people get so angry when the written word is used to present an critique! And why do people who don’t like what is written then think that no one is allowed to disagree with Sister Wolf.

    The comments are usually in agreement and add to the post because most of us read Sister Wolf because we like her style, her angles and her no holds bar analysis. Of course we often agree because we are amused and also want Terry Richardson to put his horrid dick away. nothing is viler than a man who is amused by his own cock. Cocks don’t tell jokes they realise sperm and believe me it isn’t the same as fondant icing. You wouldn’t want Richardson’s sperm in your hand or on a cupcake.

    Why do people get so affronted when sexual harassment is highlighted, it is so important to understand it takes a lot of courage to speak up. Rarely, very rarely does someone do this lightly or for publicity or because they’ve made it up – it is more likely the person snapped or Richardson threatened her or a friend or another model and this motivated her to act to protect others.

    In an industry where pay is variable in terms of rates, infrequent or someone else will would walk over you live body to do the work is it any wonder abuse rears it’s ugly head in many forms. The Ricahrdsons of the world exist in all walks of life and the point here is why do people like him act in such a way. What happened to him or is he just an evil little shit. Probably the latter, his ego took over him years ago.

    It is certainly not prudish to not want to perform sex acts on demand for fashion editorial or adverts.

    Anyway I’m tired by anger and vitriol after being bored witless for four whole days. Sister Wolf you are a honey!

  47. Ben says:

    I’ll say this, as someone in the industry who has taken nude photos of models..they are under lots of pressure to perform and for most it seems their only option. Getting dropped from your agency, losing work, etc makes a lot of people do a lot of things out of fear. Also, some people are social predators and know how to get weaker individuals to do things and once they leave they are totally confused as to why they did them. Terry is a fucking perv (no surprise there to me) but don’t blame the stupid, blame the perv and pity the stupid.

  48. Joy D. says:

    I think I understand where she is coming from being a model and all but as a person who doesn’t know the ins and outs of the business I still think it is sexual harassment. I know modeling is not thought of as a career but if it is your job that you make a living off of and you are urged to do something you either have a choice to say no and possibly get blackballed or say yes and have a stable career. Not sure I agree with Jen on this one. I also agree with Ben about the after affects of these photo sessions.

  49. Maria says:

    Mutterhals is angry because she knows deep down she will never make it a writer. She is mad because her man left her. And most of all she is mad that you have a sucessful interesting blog that people actually read unlike hers.

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