Inappropriate Cravings

On my mental list of shit I wish I could buy, the most persistent craving is also the most inappropriate: leather shorts.

I can’t think of another fashion purchase that would be more inappropriate, except maybe a romper. (Sorry about the word “romper.”)

No one wants to see Grandma in leather shorts! Even though I’m not anyone’s grandma, I could be. And that alone makes it wrong. It doesn’t matter what kind of legs I have, it’s the mutton dressed as lamb thing. And yet, every time I see a nice pair of leather shorts, I get all excited and start clicking on sizes, as if I might actually buy them. The only person I can think of who should wear leather shorts is Queen Michelle. Otherwise, they are only suitable for prostitutes and Chloe Sevigny.

What is your current most inappropriate fashion craving? Don’t be shy: All confessions will result in immediate absolution!

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56 Responses to Inappropriate Cravings

  1. I always crave things like the black rats leggings. I made a friend buy them and she despises them, poor thing!

  2. Lizzifer says:

    You’re totally right! Sea’s mom totally has shrunken heads somewhere in that pretty home of hers. I’m pretty sure she wears them with her fat lady necklace. Maybe she’ll be into trading them in for my dried octopus carcass, which she can wear as a brooch?

  3. sketch42 says:

    I just bought leather shorts. Nice baggy ones. Very hot. Just dont know when to wear them.

  4. Joy D. says:

    Is it ironic? That word is wasted on me as I think anything can be taken ironically. To me, it is comfort: I like dresses and sneakers and I like them together. Not much more to it but I don’t think that it is a “hot look” right now.

  5. Have a fantastic day! Thanks for sharing. :0

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