The Perfect Template!

They forget the monkey fur, but otherwise, perfect, don’t you think?

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28 Responses to The Perfect Template!

  1. Mary says:

    Ha ha perfect! Bunch of wankers. It does upset me that these folk are appropriating black metal in order to be “rad’. Never mind.

  2. urbain says:

    I’ll post soon on my blog about people revolutioning tumblr and their project to contaminate the internet.

    bon dimanche Sister

  3. Brilliant! Surely Alexander Wang should have had a mention.

  4. Kapaali says:

    Or you could just use it as a place to “store” shit you like that you found on the internet. Not everyone on tumblr is 19.

  5. Braindance says:

    I am guilty of the eye pyramid, still havent shed my teenage interest in aliens & ancient technology that was better than ours.
    But thankfully, not guilty of any other hipster crimes listed here.

  6. pls somebody explain tumblr to me. what’s it for if you already have a blog?

  7. Joy D. says:

    I like to repost a lot, because of this Tumblr is a waste of time. But so is 60% of the internet.

  8. harps says:

    ‘Naked chick smoking’ needs to be borderline anorexic for it to be really cool.

    Monkey fur and/or a foxtail is also an essential.

  9. theresa says:

    i think the blurry photo of the moon is essential.

  10. Paige says:

    ha! i hate tumblr.

  11. the real andrea says:

    They left out the hipster hat of the moment along with the monkey fur- a straw fedora. All over the place in NYC right now. Gag!!

    Or better yet, geeky glasses, a full beard if a man, a straw fedora, and a monkey fur vest- sublime!

  12. Angelica says:

    hahahahaha! fucking perfect!

    in other news, Sea curated a cockroach necklace. As in real preserved cockroach. She described it as “a cutie.” DKLDSJKLFJSL

  13. enna. says:

    Well, that explains why my tublr isn’t popular. I haven’t posted any of those things, with maybe the exception of a dumb/expensive loft.

    Clearly I need to change what I like so I can get more followers. I have seen the light!

  14. maya says:

    yeah that’s about sums up 95% of tumblr. but the 5% that aren’t a bunch of hipster twats are awesome! I like tumblr because I collect images like crazy and enjoy sharing them. its a good place to find inspiration if you use it that way, instead of as a popularity contest. gotta say I’m guilty of a couple of these but that’s cause I actually listen to black metal and am not an ignorant fool when it comes to esoteric thingies.

    thinking the template could use a little more jethro cave, reblogs from dirtylittlestylewhore, and ironic flashing gifs from or something.

  15. Michelle says:

    Just had to share this with you Sister Wolf, and ask

    who the hell sits like this to read a book!? It looks PAINFUL.

  16. JK says:

    Yes Michelle, it does look painful. Perhaps she was practicing for this:

  17. Elaine says:

    don’t forget about the polaroids
    and using that polaroid program to suck all the colours out of a photo to make it more faded

  18. Aja says:

    Don’t forget ironic television show stills. And you get two bonus points if you’re a rich dilettante who has a business making ridiculously priced headbands.

  19. RLC says:

    Michelle, it may look uncomfortable to you but that is the only way one can sit when taking a timed photo of oneself pretending to read a book. Actually no, one might also sit on a tree stump or crouch in ridiculously high platform heels. Note that the book must be about baroque interiors and/or in Japanese and/or by JD Salinger.

    On an unrelated note, not sure if you’ve seen this Sister but it can be hilarious!
    He also released a zine full of illustrations of different (real) fashion outfits seen on the runways, but modelled on either zombies or androids, it was so clever and fantastic.

  20. Sister Wolf says:

    maya – Oooh Jethro Cave, good call.

    harps – Of course!

    Elaine – God, awful.


  21. Nausicaa says:

    RLC- it wasn’t even an actual book, the cover says Newport Interiors! Unless interior design magazines are considered “books” now.

  22. Rach says:

    “in other news, Sea curated a cockroach necklace. As in real preserved cockroach. She described it as “a cutie.” DKLDSJKLFJSL”

    …Hilarious. The best thing I’ve read on the internet for months.

  23. Cricket9 says:

    I knew, I just knew that the cockroach is coming!

  24. Desiree says:

    SW what about the taxidermied fluffy animal shot? xo

  25. Amy says:

    This tumblr is so rad. I just feel so gnarly when I look at it:

    It inspires me to dress like homeless people and Erin Wasson.

    …also, if you are going to make a tumblr you are also going to need a heck of a lot of random ass triangles.

  26. RLC says:

    Ha, yeah, triangles are to graphic designers what young boys were to Caravaggio.

  27. twistedlamb says:

    tumblr is like the std of blogs.

  28. Tricia says:

    My personal favorite is “Dumb and expensive loft”- one winter of paying for dumb loft heat cured me of any romantic loft living notions I once had.

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