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Adult is Not a Verb.

A friend just brought up the subject of using “adult” as a verb, and I figured it’s time to complain about the latest words and usage crimes that are making me flinch. “Parenting” was bad at first but now I … Continue reading

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Banished Words for 2015

Lake Superior State Universary has published its 40th Annual List of Banished words, “Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness.” Considering what an awful year it’s been for language, not to mention humanity itself, it is … Continue reading

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The Ex Revisited

Twenty years on, I am still rattled by my husband’s fucking ex. Not only has she opened a tiki-themed restaurant too close to my neighborhood,  she has recently written the following: “There was a time in my youth, those long … Continue reading

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As if.

This skirt makes me want to kill myself. But wait. Here is the rear view: “A patchwork of True Religion denim forms this flowing, vintage-inspired maxi skirt. Slant hip pockets detail the front, and inky-blue pocket shadows darken the back.” … Continue reading

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50 Shades of Silly

Does everyone know about “Fifty Shades of Grey?” It’s a wildly popular new novel that women are reading discreetly and openly, according to their relative shame or bravado about enjoying middlebrow porn. I had no idea what the story was … Continue reading

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Weiner Dog

Anthony Weiner is a gift from god for people like me who are struggling with depression.   His predicament (no pun intended) is so bizarre and tawdry, and yet  Shakespearean. If character is destiny, Weiner is screwed, or as he would put … Continue reading

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Godawful Writing Award!

It is my privilege to bestow the first Sister Wolf Godawful Writing Award upon Refinery 29. Please enjoy the prize-winning masterpiece below: ~ For the true connoisseur, it is the writing equivalent of a box of delicious chocolates. I LOVE … Continue reading

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Insouciant Style Blunder

Here are Erin Wasson and a girl carrying either an elephant trunk or a dead emu. Whatever. They were celebrating the Los Angeles opening of a Vanessa Bruno boutique, where, according to Refinery 29,   “all the L.A. lasses had us … Continue reading

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“Fashion Jews”

What the hell are “Fashion Jews?”   Amy Odell is losing it over at The Cut. The Cut is a HUGE blog. How can this headline still be up after it appeared this morning?! What next, Fashion Blacks? Or is it … Continue reading

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