Insouciant Style Blunder

Here are Erin Wasson and a girl carrying either an elephant trunk or a dead emu. Whatever.

They were celebrating the Los Angeles opening of a Vanessa Bruno boutique, where, according to Refinery 29,   “all the L.A. lasses had us scrambling to snap their insouciant style.”

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34 Responses to Insouciant Style Blunder

  1. Is it just me but if they were scrambling to have their photos taken then they can’t be insouciant – style wise or other? Ridiculous

  2. sam says:

    I had to google ‘insouciant’…..
    Doesn’t fit the bill really.
    Oh well, every day is a school day.

  3. Sister Wolf says:

    Make Do – Yep, “calculated but deficient style” would have been better.

    Dam – Same here. But what the hell is that elephant trunk??

  4. BethUK says:

    I think the elephant trunk is a second, hidden bag. Possibly for peanuts?

  5. I think it’s a live emu – looks like it’s eyeing up that pair of glitzy sandals in Vanessa Bruno’s glass cabinet

  6. David Duff says:

    Well done, Sis, I knew you could do it! After months – years? – of photos of female freaks looking like escapees from ‘The Munsters’, at last you found two pretty and casual but elegant young women – and one of them is wearing – Shlock-Horror – a blouse! Gosh, I can hardly remember the last time I saw a blouse on this site. Well done, Sis, keep up the good work!

  7. the real andrea says:

    My daily goal is insouciant style! Although the homeless guy on my corner nails insouciance every day. Too bad he can’t make a living off his insouciant style, like Erin Wasson. but isn’t insouciance insouciant only if you don’t know that you’re being insouciant??

  8. Joy D. says:

    I swill continue to read Refinery29 because they are good a tongue and cheek. I didn’t even read this newsletter email though because the title made me ill.

  9. RLC says:

    “Insouciant” sounds like something that comes between the hors d’oeuvres and the entree.

  10. HelOnWheels says:

    That’s neither an emu nor an elephant. It’s the very rare hirsute closet python, Antisociulus insignificus. She needs to be arrested for possessing an endangered species but, more to the point, for looking like Erin Wasson and being a media whore.


  11. E says:

    Aha! The elephant trunk is a kind of sleepy wombat type creature – Insouciant insoucianta – what you see is an attempt to lock on and swing from the shelving unit.

  12. Bessie the Buddha Cow says:

    “An elephant trunk or a dead emu.” Laughed my bovine ass off!

  13. Ann says:

    The thought of someone carrying around an elephant trunk or dead emu makes me far from insouciant, actually.

  14. annemarie says:

    omg, killing it. i’d like to lay me down upon on the sands of their vaginas and bathe in the glorious, golden light.

  15. dust says:

    I refuse to Google that word, ignorance is bliss.
    That bag is the latest trend – bucket bag, as said on R29 yesterday…. I wish I didn’t know that as well…

  16. Hortense says:

    1. I get major lez vibes off Wasson
    1b. Why does she have to be so damned pretty in spite of obvious insipidity?
    2. How can you stand living in LA with that premeditated huckster style quatsch abounding?
    2b. A new L-Word is being penned by a Refinery29 blogger-reject at The Coffee Bean right now…to be called Insouciant in the City, starring the pictured pair. Only they hunt elephants for tusky dildos or iterations of your former neighbor’s lesbian stick thing.
    3. Bless L.A. forever and ever.

  17. Sarah says:

    I think somebody caught on because the wording has been changed…

  18. I like Merriam-Webster’s example better, “wandered into the meeting with complete insouciance to the fact that she was late.” Now THAT is brilliance — I could wipe my ass with the brilliance of that example.

    Erin Wasson. I mean, I fucking can’t.

  19. Sister Wolf says:

    Thats’s Not My Age – Hahahahahahah, good eye!

    sarah – Awww, you’re right, they changed insouciant to “incredible!” Pussies!

    HelOnWheels -HAhahaahahahahhaha, excellent taxonomy or whatever it’s called.

    E – HAHAHAHA, I hope it escaped!

    annemarie – We bow down to you.

    Hortense – Total lez, yep. Indeed, it is very painful to live here. god is always punishing me for something.

  20. honeypants says:

    I tried to use “insouciant” in conversation several months ago. It came out the very opposite of insouciant (much like Erin & friend). The people I was speaking to didn’t know what it meant (no shock), and it was a complete disaster really (again, much like Erin & friend).

  21. Alicia says:

    I’d rather see excelsior style.

    Actually, I just think I like saying “excelsior” more than I do “insouciant.”


  22. Andra says:

    Well, that’s not feathers.
    I think it’s my missing cat!!!

  23. ohhullo says:

    It sounds like the Glamourai wrote that line.

  24. Andra says:

    I think we should be looking at Edie Sedgwick as a “style icon”.
    Now, that was a life!

  25. Christ, that’s Erin Wasson? That is not a good picture of her, she looks about 60.

  26. PS annemarie has made my day.

  27. The saddest part is that I doubt Vanessa Bruno would even want Refinery 29 ‘journalists’ writing about the event let alone Erin Wasson attending…. Always a shame when the need for PR interferes with the integrity of a beautiful brand.

  28. ellio100 says:

    did you catch bryanboy and rumi tweeting about the most irritating fashion words? Maybe Rumi’s been kicking around here, look what she came up with:

    rumineely”I’m so much more sick of style being ‘insouciant’ RT @bryanboy: “Curate” the most irritating fashion buzzword of 2010.

  29. Emily Bleak says:

    Can we take a minute to discuss Gala’s “adventures in designing shoes?”

    I’m not anti-fur by any means, but no ponies should have to die for this:

  30. Cricket9 says:

    Emily, I’m totally anti-fur – and you are SO right – oh, the horror, the horror!!!

  31. HelOnWheels says:

    @Emily – What a f*cking hypocrite she is re fur. She “designed” those? How about complete ripped off Betsey Johnson (and Shoe Girl).

    BTW, can we have “Comments for Jane” soon, SW? I’ve been saving up and have a lot of things to tell her. 😉

  32. Olsenboye says:

    Gala Darling is a DICK! Gala needs a post here for comments IMO.

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