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Show and Tell

The first time I saw an erect penis it was crammed down my throat before I could say “Ew.” I was a reckless kid who nobody loved, so I agreed to go behind the neighborhood bowling alley with an awful … Continue reading

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Let The Cocksucking Begin!

How many of you were thrilled by The Mooch’s unhinged tirade as reported by Ryan Lizza in The New Yorker? Of course we were astounded at first but really, what’s the big deal? In the Trump reality show, they have … Continue reading

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Justin Theroux’s Penis

I hadn’t heard that Justin Theroux‘s penis was an issue until I read a quote from Liv Tyler, his co-star in that awful new HBO series. “There was this scene where he was jogging, and there was quite a large … Continue reading

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  If it looks like Anthony Weiner is about to show you his dick in this picture, it’s because he probably is. Or, he would if he could. People are all excited that Weiner announced his run for mayor of … Continue reading

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Weiner Dog

Anthony Weiner is a gift from god for people like me who are struggling with depression.   His predicament (no pun intended) is so bizarre and tawdry, and yet  Shakespearean. If character is destiny, Weiner is screwed, or as he would put … Continue reading

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The Sarah Silverman Problem

Few things are more compelling to me than a heated debate over What Constitutes Art.   A recent controversy surrounding Sarah Silverman also offers a quandary about ethics. Ms. Silverman was invited to speak at the prestigious TED conference this year. … Continue reading

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Golden Globes 2009 Exegesis

If you missed the Golden Globes Awards, you didn’t miss much, but here are the highlights: Nicole Kidman wanted to show off her nipples. Why, I have no idea. She appears to have lost her mind or her bathroom mirror. … Continue reading

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The Wrong Color

I couldn’t help admiring this dress until I read the description. “Black and donkey coloured long-sleeved knit dress…” The attached sweater thing looks kind of mauve, doesn’t it? What color is “donkey coloured,” anyway? Many hundreds of years ago, when … Continue reading

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All things Icky

Morbid Anatomy is a blog about icky dead stuff.   Every time I go there, I feel slightly ashamed, as though I’ve just peered into Hollister Hovey‘s curio cabinet. But the author is clearly passionate about her subject, and I have … Continue reading

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