why am I nuts?


If it looks like Anthony Weiner is about to show you his dick in this picture, it’s because he probably is. Or, he would if he could.

People are all excited that Weiner announced his run for mayor of New York City even though he was lying about his ‘redemption’ and must have known that the truth would come out. What the fuck is wrong with this guy, the pundits are wondering, and so am I.

Clearly, it’s some sort of pathology. He needs to send pictures of his dick to all takers, and he needs to talk dirty to strangers. He needs to do this despite a lust for political power, and the fact that these drives are not compatible seems to elude him.

Because I’m me, I am driven to look for the meaning of Weiner’s pathology. I am certain that his name has something to do with it. Having the name Weiner and looking like a giant nose with some incidental features surrounding it must have shaped his childhood and adolescence. Think how mean people were in school even when your name isn’t Weiner.

So there’s the childhood insecurity and humiliation, and maybe a resulting obsession with outsmarting his tormentors. He’s a small man physically, so he pushes himself in the gym. He rises to an elected office and marries an attractive power-junkie with strong ties to the Clintons.  He’s got it made, but then there’s his dick and the fact that it requires acknowledgment and/or admiration from strangers.

Couldn’t his wife admire his dick enough? Did her familiarity ruin the fun for him? Does he have an unconscious need to humiliate his wife, to transfer his own humiliation onto her? Or does he thrive on the risk of doing something that could topple his whole set-up? Something so stupid and distasteful that no one could excuse it?

His own inclination is to blame twitter: “If it wasn’t 2011 and it didn’t exist, it’s not like I would have gone out cruising bars or something like that. It was just something that technology made possible and it became possible for me to do stupid things. I mean, the thing I did, and the damage that I did, not only hadn’t it been done before, but it wasn’t possible to do it before.”

Got that? If only that damn technology didn’t exist, he wouldn’t be tempted to use it!

His wife looked pretty crazy at their joint announcement today and who can blame her. If she would just smack him in the face, we would all feel better.

Help me figure out why Weiner is nuts. What’s your analysis?

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24 Responses to Weiner

  1. Nancy says:

    Spot on! Male compartmentalization at its “best”.

    And I’ve also pondered: if Christine Quinn (a woman, the current NYC City Council speaker and a mayoral candidate) had texted a photo of her vagina, would she have been given a second, third or fourth “chance”? No freakin’ way.

    This self-absorbed, power-hungry doofus needs to go away!

  2. D.R. says:

    He admitted yesterday that more photos would emerge. Yesterday was National Hot Dog Day.

  3. andrea says:

    Definitely has a compulsion to do this, like me keeping on shopping even when I know I shouldn’t. It feeds something that is lacking. But it only lasts for awhile & then you have to do it again.It’ s a disease, an addiction. The phone sex & sex selfies are his drug. The sex part gives it another dimension for us, especially because he’s hurting his family. Makes it seem creepy.
    I actually met him and his wife at a Bat Mitzvah after he resigned. She was very nice, very pretty, and about 8 months pregnant. The thing is, he actually has some good things to say about helping the city, but who wants him for a mayor when he shows such poor judgement? I get to not vote for him in the primary.

  4. Winter Bird says:

    Bravissima Sister! I think it fair to say, you hit the nail right on the head in your Weiner post. It’s not so much that he needs the world to look at his junk, but rather the web of pathological lies that offends me. Both Weiner and Spitzer are low class/no class hipocritical morons and that SHOULD disqualify them from public service. All we need to do is look at our politicians to understand why our country is failing.

  5. Marky says:

    …like a giant nose with some incidental features surrounding it… –Perfect!

    I think his pathology goes back way further, to his infancy. He clearly didn’t get enough attention from his mother. He wants attention, even if it’s negative attention. I imagine his mother was like his wife: self-obsessed, distant. Each photo-tweet of his penis is a simple cry for attention.

  6. David Duff says:

    But . . . but . . . I want to send you a picture of my dick, Sis, but I can’t get the hang of this photo-shopping-thingie. Every time I try, it gets even smaller! And that’s apart from the trouble I have trying to focus on the little chap in the first place. Life’s very unfair!

  7. Suspended says:

    Everyone involved in politics is nuts! I think this guy has everything needed to get elected in NY. I have this horrible feeling that the world has become a place more appreciative of outrageous behaviour and cheap scandal than of a sound mind, a class act, a capability to do the job. This way everyone gets to start out feeling amused, giddy and superior; if he gets elected it will be great for more front pages, cheap laughs and “I told you so’s” when he inevitably fucks up again and again.

    I decided a long time ago that politics is for nogoodniks, miscreants and whoresons. In my life there has never been a time when ‘good’ won at the polls and if it ever looked likely, it was shot dead! And now I feel that hope is diminished to such a level that anyone touting even a glimmer of it gets elevated to Christ like status. It’s all too fucking depressing!

    I need these people to leave the planet…with their celebrity penises.

  8. library lady says:

    I love this post. That is all.

  9. Andra says:

    David Duff, keep your dick to yourself, if you please.
    I want to keep my fantasies alive.

  10. Sister, while you say political and sexual drives are not compatible, and right you may be, unfortunatley the two are often present, in potent doses, in individuals throughout time and around the world.
    Exhibit A. Bill Clinton.
    Exhibit B. J.F.K.
    Exhibit C Italy’s crazy Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi
    And that’s just off the top of my head. There’s definitelty a connection there.

  11. David Duff says:

    Maybe, Andra, but you need the laughs!

  12. annemarie says:

    I want to agree that Huma Abedin is just a “power junkie,” but after watching the video several times, I can’t! The strain on the poor girl’s face…it’s harrowing to watch!

    I read nearly all of the sexts. What I found most revolting about them was that he sounded like a 14 yr old virgin whose knowledge of sex is based entirely on internet porn– spread your ass….let me cum on your tits…can I pull your hair while you gag on my cock…

    So puerile and pathetic, and if that wasn’t enough, it comes from a man who looks “like a giant nose with some incidental features surrounding it” (you’re brilliant!).

  13. John in New York says:

    You nail Weiner’s dick issues with a precision and zeal that would make Bob Flanagan proud. But for those of us in the “Anyone But Quinn” camp, we just might have to choose the nut over the dolt. If Bill Thompson wins in the primary, the choice will be easy.

  14. Bevitron says:

    Everything you said, Sister!

    Makes me think of when a young girl who’s always been fat and suffered tons of ridicule loses some weight and starts feeling attractive, and she gets cool clothes & some attention from boys, and she gets obsessed with doing whatever it takes to get more & more attention because of her extreme self-confidence deficit, even to the extent of doing embarrassing & dangerous shit. Aside from the facts that he’s not an adolescent girl & probably never been overweight, seems like Weiner’s just as driven as the former fat girl to do stuff that makes him feel like somehow or other he’s got what it takes to be hot. I guess.

  15. eekahil says:

    And yet, he has a couple of snoozing cats, so there is that one non-jurkface part of his life.
    Yeah, pathology – that is the word that’s eluded me. Thank you.
    He is just so immature. Must have been busted & shamed while watching his mom put on her girdle or something.

  16. Jane says:

    Madam Restora,

    You might have heard about the antics of Silvio Berlsuconi, but do you know that he was born in 1936 and is therefore over 77 years old?

    It is obvious that he getting it up (through some concoction of drugs) and having a good time for a man of any age, let alone one in his mid-70s. So what is the difference between him and your average 70-something guy in a developed country? Why is your average 70-something guy not having the time of his life, like Silvio?

    Many of you might think that his considerable wealth buys him medical advances not available to others. However that is simply not true, as anyone with a half decent income in a developed country can buy Viagra, testosterone gel, get a little nip-tuck, dress well, eat well (high protein, low carbs) and remain active.

    So what is the difference between Berlusconi and your average 70-something guy?

    I put it down to attitude and world view.

    Your average 70-something man is a broken, whipped, brain-washed and miserable creature who does not believe that he deserves the type of lifestyle lived by Berlusconi. Access to things and services is immaterial if a man doesn’t make use of them, either through ignorance or more tragically, conscious decision.

    Ask your average 70-something guy if he wants to get it on with barely legal girls? Ask him if he wants to have sex parties, enjoy life and think/act like he is young again? In most cases, you will get a blank stare or unwillingness to do so for a number of reasons that have to do with his aging wife, his family, destroyed self-esteem and fatalism. Ironically, none of the relatives and acquaintances he supposedly cares so much for will return even a fraction of the consideration he gives them.

    In this era of non-reciprocity, it is safe to assume that relatives, social acquaintances or society itself are not worth caring for. People who do so are stupid morons who deserve every deprivation, lost chance and scam that affects them.

  17. Suspended says:

    Jane – Ask your average 70 year old if he’d like to spend 10% of his life in jail, like Berlusconi.

    And really? Who asks average people anything? Hey, bore me more.

  18. Sister Wolf says:

    Suspended – I think “Jane” is actually Berlusconi. There’s no other rational explanation.

  19. Suspended says:

    You have to be right, Sister. For the sake of mankind, they need to limit his jail-time internet usage.

    That last paragraph is something else with its robotic, born alone/die alone, if you get the chance, fuck over everyone paranoia/ethos. How you can pin such a depressing outlook to an “era” is quite beyond me. There has been and will always be selfish cunts like you in this world, Jane; making yourself miserable with a complete lack of love and compassion, your only affection in life is combing your yappy-little-rat-dogs hair.

    Prepare yourself, there might be mandatory HUGS in the afterlife.

  20. What is Jane saying? I’m not reading all those words.

  21. Sister Wolf says:

    eekahil – Hahahahaha!

    Madam Restora – I’m not reading them all either but I did skim them. I believe it is a bitter rant on behalf of elderly men who don’t have the perks of sex parties with young women.

  22. simone says:

    And it’s not over:

    New York Daily News’ Denis Hamill: “There is no one you are sexting now?”

    Anthony Weiner: “You can quibble about beginnings, middles and ends but what we’re talking about is over a year ago.”

    Quibble, I say! Quibble… about ends.

  23. Andra says:

    Jane, my bloke is 82 and he can get it up – with no drugs. Of course I am a very sexy sheila and that helps.

  24. Dj says:

    Weiner is revolting. Why are are these Peres like weiner, Elliot spitzer, that idiot South Carolina senator, and numerous others caught with their pants down and their dicks in their hands out and about in public in the first place?! I saw spitzer on bill maher last night, just as, may I say, cocky as ever. I miss the good old days when public humiliation meant something, I.e.,don’t do whatever that might get you in deep trouble and totally shame your family. Damn technology…men are pitiful

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