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Show and Tell

The first time I saw an erect penis it was crammed down my throat before I could say “Ew.” I was a reckless kid who nobody loved, so I agreed to go behind the neighborhood bowling alley with an awful … Continue reading

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Boy Or Girl

If you’re wondering whether this is a boy or girl, how dare you! Why should it matter?! You are stuck in your binary thinking. Even wondering is a microagression. I’m not kidding. What’s your fucking problem? The whole idea of … Continue reading

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Sweden Takes a Stand Against Mansplaining

Sweden has got to be one of the word’s most progressive countries, with its ban on spanking children and its generous 480 days of paid family leave for each child. Now, its largest union has a hotline for employees to … Continue reading

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Men And Estrogen

Did you know that the average man has more estrogen than a post-menopausal woman? This seems to have major implications. But before I contemplate them, let’s remember that as men age, their testosterone levels fall, just as estrogen levels fall … Continue reading

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The Good Kind Of Mansplaining

You know how when you’re watching TV and you can’t quite recognize that actor who looks familiar, or you don’t understand what just happened, or a character mumbles something and you didn’t catch it? So you ask you husband, “Who’s … Continue reading

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Ask a Man

One of the exciting new features you can look forward to here will be the convenience of A Man to answer your questions regarding male behavior. The feature will be called Ask a Man, and written by my friend Romeo, … Continue reading

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A Fun Quiz!

Spouse A says to spouse B: You never want to talk to me! Spouse A is : 1. Male 2. Female In my entire life, I’ve only heard this complaint ONE SINGLE time where it was the other way around. … Continue reading

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Men are from Mars, and They Want you to Stop Talking

As we all know, women like to talk and men want us to shut up. I’m sure this was an issue for Adam and Eve: She wanted to talk about her day, but he just wanted to unwind and space … Continue reading

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