The Good Kind Of Mansplaining

good kind of mansplaining

You know how when you’re watching TV and you can’t quite recognize that actor who looks familiar, or you don’t understand what just happened, or a character mumbles something and you didn’t catch it?

So you ask you husband, “Who’s that guy again?” or “Why are they doing that?!” or “What did she say?”

And your husband gets mad because he’s trying to watch the fucking show and you keep interrupting? And instead of answering a simple plot question, he says “WHY DON”T YOU WATCH AND FIND OUT?”

It occurred to me that we need an app for this. If we had an app, we could get the answers to our questions without irritating our husbands and being subjected to their condescending sighs.

The app will be programmed with a database of every movie and tv series in existence and you will just type in the title. Then, you can get the cast, as well as plot points and dialogue, by scene.

Plus, you can do this silently or choose an audio answer in a friendly male voice.


Women I’ve talked to about this all share my shame and frustration at needing help just to watch TV, but that’s what it’s come to.

I hate mansplaining as much as the next person, more even, but where does the mansplaining impulse go when you actually need it, eh?

Let’s get the app. First, we need a name for it.





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6 Responses to The Good Kind Of Mansplaining

  1. Joan says:

    I would love this. But not for me. I KNOW what’s going on and who’s who, it’s my husband that’s always asking me.

  2. Jenny says:

    Haha the photograph that goes with this post!

  3. Amelia says:

    The app would be called : i cant hear what im watching ”

  4. David Duff says:

    “déjà vu”.

  5. Dj says:

    Sister, the secrets to a happy marriage are separate bathrooms, vacations and tvs. Netflix may be what you want…watch a show, rewind five or six times if you don’t understand the dialog, and move on…I hate that man sigh…its passive aggressive at the same time as being like a fussy old aunt…get your own tv and don’t let him watch with you……

  6. Sister Wolf says:

    Joan – Ha!

    Jenny – PERFECT. I love that statue, it’s just nuts.

    Amelia – How are you with “Appsplain”?

    David Duff – Do you help the memsahib with TV?

    Dj – I know but I really need him when it shows a message on a cell phone, because I’m blind as well as deaf!

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