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Men And Estrogen

Did you know that the average man has more estrogen than a post-menopausal woman? This seems to have major implications. But before I contemplate them, let’s remember that as men age, their testosterone levels fall, just as estrogen levels fall … Continue reading

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Keith or Anita?

Thinking about the Stones during all the Exile on Main Street mania, I realized that while most girls cite Anita Pallenberg as a Style Muse, I would choose Keith instead. Anita is gorgeous. She got at least two Stones to … Continue reading

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I Am Not A Bot (But God Is!)

I am getting sick and tired of trying to read everybody’s CAPTCHA in order to prove I’m not a bot. Can’t something be done about this? It’s not a good system for the near-sighted person. I have to squint my … Continue reading

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