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Douche Fest!

  Ricki Hall is a Douche Icon whose only true rival is Francois Verkerk.   How could you choose one over the other? Does Francois win because of his awful moustache? Or does Ricki’s full beard and grumpy scowl put … Continue reading

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Before and After*

Even though he’s the Hipster du Jour, I can’t stand looking at Zombie Boy. Now that I see what he’d look like without his tattoos, I find him even more tragic. He’s actually a cute guy! And he fucked himself … Continue reading

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The Mighty Chola

Growing up in Los Angeles, I discoverer the magic of cholas at an early age. A chola promised to kick my ass in 7th grade, so I left school early and ran all the way home. She was mad because … Continue reading

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Literary Tattoos

The tattooed image is becoming passe as more and more people choose words to express themselves. Not just mottoes like “Death Before Dishonor,” but whole passages from novels or favorite poems. The James Joyce one above is kind of pretentious … Continue reading

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Warwick Saint: Ink

If you’ve never wanted a tattoo, have a look at these stunning portraits by photographer Warwick   Saint. After ogling the girls, check out his India photos here. I just discovered him and it’s love at first sight.

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Comments For Gala Darling 9-16-2010

It has been brought to my attention that the blogger known as Gala Darling has stopped taking comments, as if I’m the fucking Minister of Comments.   Fine. I took the time to read Ms. Darling’s emotional manifesto regarding her controversial … Continue reading

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Adam Goldberg: YES

I saw this photo the other day in juxtapoz, a stupid art magazine that my adopted son* Chris brought over.   I was stunned by the glory of the poster on the wall: NO YOU SHUT UP is the single most … Continue reading

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All things Icky

Morbid Anatomy is a blog about icky dead stuff.   Every time I go there, I feel slightly ashamed, as though I’ve just peered into Hollister Hovey‘s curio cabinet. But the author is clearly passionate about her subject, and I have … Continue reading

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Who Would You Believe?

So here’s the story. The girl on the right is suing the tattoo artist on the left, claiming that she asked for 3 little stars on her face but ended up with 56. Kimberly, 18, said she fell asleep while … Continue reading

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What Kind of Wassonery is This?*

Ooh, here is our friend Erin at a party the other night at a shop in L.A. I love the exposed bra! I’ll bet she picked up this styling tip from a Homeless Woman! Still, she makes it her own. … Continue reading

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