Warwick Saint: Ink

If you’ve never wanted a tattoo, have a look at these stunning portraits by photographer Warwick   Saint.

After ogling the girls, check out his India photos here.

I just discovered him and it’s love at first sight.

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23 Responses to Warwick Saint: Ink

  1. Dru says:

    I’m normally extremely wary of photographers doing their “India” photographs* with the usual cliches of poverty, kitsch and colourful clothes, but this is fantastic!

    *I make an exception if they’re in the league of Henri Cartier-Bresson, though.

  2. Ah glad you are back up. I love what you love even though I’m Grace Kelly to your Angelina!

  3. Ann says:

    Gasp! The best photographer I have never heard of. Another cool find courtesy of you. Thank you SO much.

    Off to spend my afternoon looking at art…

  4. Erika says:

    I like the pictures but tattoos are like clothes you can’t remove. I have one and only one in a good non-visible spot.
    Especially glad because everyone has tattoos now.

  5. Lezzies says:

    the first link just reminds me of suicide girls…and guess what? theyre all white…and skinny…and have fake tits.

    it’s all the same whether they have ink or not.

  6. Sister Wolf says:

    Dru – I’m glad you like them, I wish there were more of those.

    Ann – And plus his bio is so interesting

    Lezzies – I guess I don’t view things from your perspective. Certainly the girls represent the current Western ideal of female allure. They look exotic to me, though. It’s cheesecake, right?

    Is it politically incorrect to find them attractive? Explain!

  7. Tricia says:

    His beauty shots are stunning. They make me nostalgic for the old Vogue Avedon covers.

  8. Emily Bleak says:

    Lezzies – the first thought that entered my head as I saw this photo was “This must be what the Suicide Girls’ opium den looks like!”

    Cheesecake is right. 🙂

  9. Cricket9 says:

    Actually, they are not all white, and some of them do not have fake tits. Some of them are not even girls. The floral tattoo on the back is fantastic.

  10. Sister Wolf says:

    Tricia – YES! Gorgeous.

    Lezzies – Hey, I went back to check and there ARE some black models, Asian models, and even one who isn’t skinny. Go look again!

    Make Do – God, you nailed it. We are so Grace Kelly and Angelina, why has no one else picked up on this?????

  11. Dave C says:

    Nice work, but who cares about the ink shots when we have Daniel Craig and his amazing eyes to look at?

  12. Rudy Zarsov says:

    Tattoos and classic style have a lot in common. The more you have of one the less you have of the other.

  13. Juli says:

    Now that’s just rude Rudy.

  14. Juli says:

    I like the beauty shots too. Really pretty.

  15. HelOnWheels says:

    Juli – You can ignore Rudy. He’s usually talking out of his behind about subjects of which he has no actual knowledge only opinion.

    Right Rudy, like you’ve proven that you know anything about “classic style”. Whose “classic style” are you talking about? Tattoos are an integral part of the New Zealand Maori’s classic style. Thai men have displayed tattoos as symbols of their status and classic style.

  16. RLC says:

    I h8 suicide girls and Ruby Rose but I quite like this shoot. I find girls with (GOOD*) tattoos extremely hot.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some impeccably presented girls and women with what I’d describe as “classic style” (20s chic, 40s glamour, 50s elegance, whatever) but I would probably have to submit their photos to Rudy for verification.

    * I like beautifully-done traditional style tattoos, sadly all tattoos get a bad rap because to every good one there are 500 heinous ones. Although it does mean I get to enjoy ugliesttattoos.com updates frequently

  17. Sister Wolf says:

    Dace C – Really?? I just can’t get excited about him. Maybe I don’t fancy blond guys.

    RLC – Rudy seems like he’s hard to please. Some of these girls are total classic babes. Perhaps he just hates tattoos on women, period.

  18. Lezzies says:

    sister wolf, cricket9: let me preface this by saying my comment stemmed from the fact that some people see the suicide girls and women that have a lot of ink as defying western standards of beauty.

    To that point, standards of beauty still revolve around whiteness, being thin, and a focus on breasts, hips, ass, etc. With regards to race, finding the two black women, or racially ambiguous ones, does not, i believe, prove that this site is breaking barriers. Being a woman of color in the beauty or sex industry is still incredibly hard. Sister, you yourself have commented on this previously on your blog.

    I also find it interesting that you used “exotic” to describe these women, but that’s a whole other conversation…and I’m gonna be late to work.


  19. Cricket9 says:

    There are very good pictures of Alex Wek, and even better from Africa. I’m not sure that anyone is claiming that the site is breaking barriers – but it certainly shows that Warwick is a very talented and versatile photographer.

  20. i looked at every last one of those photos! they saved the best for last…yum!

  21. Braindance says:

    You know where some of these are going, so thank you in advance for the information Lady Wolf.
    I think he has skills for sure, I especially like the way he captures motion and the beauty of little people, rather than smoldering beauties.
    Saying that, I do have a girl crush on Rosie something Whitley, even more so now she is donking Chev Chelios. Lucky girl.

  22. Dru says:

    Braindance, I completely understand what you mean about Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – ridiculously beautiful, and reminds me of a cross between Romola Garai (who is massively talented, and massively underrated) and Kat Dennings. The UK might not produce the majority of high-fashion models, but the ones that do make it are memorable.

  23. Helen says:

    The reason they seem suicide girl-esque is because at least one of them was: Amina suicide.
    I rather like the suicide girls though because I love tattoos, piercings and girls.

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