Comments For Gala Darling 9-16-2010

It has been brought to my attention that the blogger known as Gala Darling has stopped taking comments, as if I’m the fucking Minister of Comments.   Fine. I took the time to read Ms. Darling’s emotional manifesto regarding her controversial decision.   It didn’t make any sense, but it seems to boil down to this:

Writing should not be corrupted by the anticipation of a response. Writing should be a pure form of expression by the artist, whose art need not and should not be produced for an audience. Otherwise, the artist is just pandering to the audience, from whom he/she desires approval.

Not only that, but the comments are hindering Ms. Darling”s personal growth.

Okay then! Do any of you feel compelled to leave a comment for Gala Darling, at the risk of fucking with her personal growth? If so, here is your chance. I will go first:

Dear Gala, I wonder why you don’t do your writing in a journal, so as to maintain your purity of purpose? The most sincere artistic expression is that produced in private, with no thought as to the market or audience! Why not go the distance, and keep your writing for yourself! Think of the purity, the boldness, the largess of freeing up bandwidth   for those cheap hucksters who write in order to communicate with   others! Ah, what do I know, right? Follow your bliss, but maybe lay off the   tattoos for awhile. Love, SW

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104 Responses to Comments For Gala Darling 9-16-2010

  1. Laura says:

    This is exactly the point she is making though. She was getting negative and mean comments so she turned comments off because they were hurting her, and thats totally fair enough. If lots of people where saying mean things to you, you’d be hurt by them and want them to stop wouldn’t you? She does a good job blogging and really doesn’t owe any of you anything.

  2. Charlie says:

    Funny how she pretends she doesn’t have a trust fund and that she makes roughly a 100k a year on her own blogging, but her recent trip to Europe she flew Business Class. That’s at least 7k right there. She Flickred the pictured. Seriously, being fab is fine, pretending to do it all on your own – is a gala faced lie.

  3. LOL says:

    you all hate her, yet you obsess about her life and decision, you guys should get a life. this commentary is filled with people who are jealous of her success. cause if not, then why bother? why let gala’s life and decisions matter to you? why put effort typing your irrelevant #FEELINGS about her down? so much negativity in here.

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