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Oh Snap, There’s a New Blackest Black, Anish Kapoor!

After all the fuss over Vantablack, and the artist who managed to get exclusive access to it, there’s a new blackety-black paint that is virtually the same, and this one’s available to the public. Called Singularity, the new paint was … Continue reading

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Feuding Artists!

Anish Kapoor is a celebrated British sculptor whose grand scale works I find thrilling, not that I know anything about art. Last year, he pissed everyone off by gaining exclusive rights to a new color, the blackest black pigment ever … Continue reading

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The Nothingness of Marina Abramovic

If you’ve always sensed some nothingness in the work of celebrated performance diva artist Marina Abramovic, you’ll be glad to know it’s official. Discussing her new work at the Serpentine Gallery, her first since The Artist is Present, she says: … Continue reading

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An Artist to Love

  Matjames Metson is a self-taught artist whose work needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Each piece is complicated but deliberate, and full of hidden delights. His art is personal but resonates with wonder and mystery. … Continue reading

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Beyonce and The Scream

Th other day, my nephew R was visiting and I asked him if he’d seen or heard about Beyonce‘s wacky Met Gala dress. Since R is one of the most culturally literate people I’ve ever met, it was a reasonable … Continue reading

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A Big Rock and a Bunch of Idiots

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has acquired, in its wisdom, a 340 ton granite boulder that will form the centerpiece of Michael Heizer‘s massive outdoor sculpture, “Levitated Mass.” LACMA director Michael Govan points out that the huge rock … Continue reading

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Art is Art

After coming across this photo last week, I couldn’t get it out of my mind.   It’s a stage in Austria’s Lake Constance, for Kieth Warner’s production of Umberto Giordano‘s opera “Andrea Chénier”, which will open to the public in July. … Continue reading

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Obsession + Art

Olek is a Polish-born artist who has chosen to “crochet everything that enters her space.” A strange decision perhaps for a graduate of a cultural studies degree, but even stranger are her motives, “in order to do two things at … Continue reading

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Sister Wolf Fan Art

What an honor to receive the gift of fan art. At least that’s what I’m calling this beautiful picture from Tanya, a sweet and talented follower of Godammit.com.   This is actually how I see myself a lot of the time. … Continue reading

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Not Gala Darling: Natalia Fabia

I don’t know how to break it to Gala Darling, but there’s another pink-haired girl who loves glitter and tattoos and actually has a talent! Natalia Fabia lives in Los Angeles and paints hookers, among other subjects. She is an … Continue reading

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