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If you’re not watching Wentworth on Netflix, you’re making the biggest mistake of your life. (If you voted for Trump, the second biggest mistake.) Wentworth has it all. I thought it ended after the third season, so I’ve been binging … Continue reading

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Obsession + Art

Olek is a Polish-born artist who has chosen to “crochet everything that enters her space.” A strange decision perhaps for a graduate of a cultural studies degree, but even stranger are her motives, “in order to do two things at … Continue reading

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Thanks to Queen Michelle, I have developed an obsession with girdles. I am hoping it will go the way of my obsessions with Fred Harvey jewelry, Shriner regalia, botanica spells, Victorian tiger claws, nurse paraphernalia and Catholic children’s coloring books. … Continue reading

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Nurse: True Fiction

His girlfriend before me was a nurse. A hard act to follow, I thought bitterly, even before he started dishing out the gory details. He corrected my assumption that she wore a starched white uniform, proudly noting that in fact … Continue reading

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What’s on Your Mind?

I used to enjoy attempting to diagram the brains of my friends and family. For example, my husband’s brain would be 50% blues, 40% jazz, and 10% Everything Else. A few years ago, I made this representation of my own … Continue reading

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In Awe of Liza Lou

All day I’ve been thinking about Liz Lou. Maybe it’s because her art involves such a passionate, superhuman commitment in time and labor. My own fits of art are so half-assed and meager. “Liza Lou has often been trivialised as … Continue reading

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