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Spider Bite

I was lying on the couch, talking on the phone to my adopted son Chris. We talked about getting our knuckles tattooed together. He told me that he recently went to the ER when a little red bump on his … Continue reading

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The White Shirtdress

This Viktor & Rolf shirtdress is a total fiasco. On the other hand, I like how it manages to evoke both a nurse AND a mental patient. The perfect accessory: a thermometer. $1,125 at Shopbop. What fashionese gibberish would you … Continue reading

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A New Roommate

Mr. Capote is long gone. An old guy with pneumonia came and went. Yesterday, a new roommate arrived, connected to some sort of oxygen machine whose decibel level is akin to a loud blow dryer up against your ear. The … Continue reading

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Waiting For Mr. Capote

Mr. Capote shares a room with Max and has the side with a window. It’s also the side with the television. I used to assume that the window side was reserved for V.I.P.’s (i.e., people with better insurance) but now … Continue reading

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You Won’t Even Believe This

Let me begin with I’m Sorry, because I really am. This blog has devolved into a tale of woe that is much too personal but still not personal enough.   Try to bear with me. I broke my fucking hip. I … Continue reading

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Nurse: True Fiction

His girlfriend before me was a nurse. A hard act to follow, I thought bitterly, even before he started dishing out the gory details. He corrected my assumption that she wore a starched white uniform, proudly noting that in fact … Continue reading

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