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Finally, the $1,000 Plastic Bag!

Sorry, I’m exaggerating, this “top” is actually only $980, but sales tax will round it up. It is the apex of cutting edge fashion, ugly and disruptive as the day is long. Calvin Klein 205W39NYC evoked modern Americana in its … Continue reading

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Trump Twists the Knife*

Piece of shit Donald Trump appraises Mrs. Macron’s body as the President of France and Melania are forced to stand by without killing him. *the knife in my stomach. Honk if he’s giving you an ulcer, too.

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A Terrifying Sale at Net-a-Porter!

Net-a-Porter sent me a sale update, saying they just added 300 new items. Many of these items are insanely ugly. Did they suddenly just decide, “Hey, let’s get rid of this shit too, it’s now or never”? This Balenciaga cape … Continue reading

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The Gucci Dead Animal Shoe, $15,000

A sharp-eyed reader sent me to this shoe, which looks like it’s trying to run away. Run, Gucci goat-hair slipper, run as fast as you can! You know what, the poor thing is dead. Too late. [These} slippers are one … Continue reading

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A New Roommate

Mr. Capote is long gone. An old guy with pneumonia came and went. Yesterday, a new roommate arrived, connected to some sort of oxygen machine whose decibel level is akin to a loud blow dryer up against your ear. The … Continue reading

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