Finally, the $1,000 Plastic Bag!

finally, the $1000 plastic bagSorry, I’m exaggerating, this “top” is actually only $980, but sales tax will round it up. It is the apex of cutting edge fashion, ugly and disruptive as the day is long.

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC evoked modern Americana in its SS18 collection which included this black sleeveless top. It’s made from high-shine nylon and finished with a ruffle-trimmed drawstring neck. Tuck it into the label’s corresponding skirt for a look with directional flair.

Thank you, Raf Simons, for bringing the trash bag to its natural conclusion, we salute your genius!  Here it is with a skirt:

the $1000 trash bag

The Vetements guys must be furious.

Any styling tips, fashionistas?

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4 Responses to Finally, the $1,000 Plastic Bag!

  1. Romeo says:

    “Finally, the $1,000 Plastic Bag!”


    Seriously though, every goddamn plastic bag should cost as much.

  2. Dj says:

    I love the cinch bag top! I wonder if has odor protection?

  3. Suspended says:

    I’m thinking it needs a banana peel hat and some shoes made from old plastic water bottles.

  4. Madam Restora says:

    ‘Directional flair’. Stop it. Enough. It’s awful. Everyone can see that.

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