Trump Twists the Knife*

Piece of shit Donald Trump appraises Mrs. Macron’s body as the President of France and Melania are forced to stand by without killing him.

*the knife in my stomach. Honk if he’s giving you an ulcer, too.

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13 Responses to Trump Twists the Knife*

  1. Max page says:

    He reminds me of your father so much…. I’m actually impressed he didn’t add “for a woman of your age”… because you know that was right there front and center of his revolting little mind…

  2. Mark-E says:


  3. Mary Liz says:

    Thanks Sister Wolf for posting this…as you say, another twist of the knife. Is it because of media access that we know this stuff now? In the past, did other presidents say things like “you have a good body for such an old woman” (which is what he meant)?

  4. Penny says:

    Here in the UK we are no strangers to complete fuck wits being in charge but I have to ask you this, WHY USA???? WHY??????? HOW did he get there? HOW LONG before he can be removed? and finally, WHY??????? PS BLOODY MASSIVE HONK

  5. Dj says:

    Why? He is the potus for gods sake. His wife has to hear that. He is a fat old man. Who cares what he thinks. I hope Madam Marcon just looked at him expressionless, or better yet, dismissively. What a jack ass.

  6. Suebob says:

    It’s even worse, I think…I think he was trying to slam Melania, who has been putting on a few pounds. I mean, Melania is still thin, but not twig-like, as is Mme. Macron. I’m pretty sure Melania knows what he was telling her.

  7. Bevitron says:

    Did the asshole actually think he was being gracious, for chrissakes? Give the decrepit old crone a little boost? I’m most revolted by his hand gestures during his appraisal, like he’s pointing out the bag on a prize dairy cow.

    He gave me gout. Actual gout. In both big toes – right one week, left the next. Never ever had it before. Agonizing, excruciating pain, and I’ve heard all about purines and uric acid crystals, blah blah blah, but I know what really caused it.

  8. Charlotte K says:

    Macron should have decked him. I just hope he and Madame both screamed with laughter and made hate remarks about him after they finally were able to get rid of the Trumps that night.

  9. Betty says:

    In a perfect world, Mme. Macron would have … stepped back slightly, looked the Donald up and down; looked Melania up and down; looked back at “The President” and smiled demurely, saying, “Oh. Yes…….you, too.” (Smiles brightly again).

  10. Sister Wolf says:

    Max Page- Yep, total woman-hater like my dad. The “for your age” thing was a given.

    Mark -E – Thank you, I hear your honking.

    Mary Liz – I really can’t imaging another President saying anything like that I public. I just can’t.

    Penny – I ask this every single day. It is unbearable. Literally.

    Dj – If only he knew he is a fat old man. Sometimes I tweet him pictures of himself on the chance he might see one and feel bad.

    Suebob – Oh my god. I did hear that he told someone he’d only “let” her get pregnant if she promised to get her figure back.

    Bevitron – The gesture and his facial expression make me want to burn the whole world down.

    Charlotte K -I hope so, too!

    Betty – I guess, but I’d like to see someone knock his teeth out. Is that too much to ask???

  11. Someone you know says:

    My Mother used to call ME a “piece of shit” –
    But he REALLY owns it!!
    Good work, Sister Wolf ~
    OXO Best regards,
    Little Piece of Shit

  12. Madam Restora says:

    Fekking creepy cretin. HONK!!!!!!!

  13. Laurentia McIntosh says:

    Do you have the other half of this amulet?! HONK!!!

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