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Calm Yourselves, Children

Noticing a spike in my blog stats, I traced it to a reddit group or whatever they call it, (subgroup? board?) for people who hate their parents. The parents are labeled “narcissists” for the purposes of explaining why they’re “toxic.” … Continue reading

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Don’t Smack Your Kid Around, Hero Mother

At first I thought that video of the angry Baltimore mother smacking her teenage son was kind of comical. I was a little embarrassed for the mother, who came off like a stereotype over-the-top ghetto mom, screaming about I’ll hit … Continue reading

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Crazy Mother: A Tragedy in Torrance

Carol Coronado, 30, stabbed her three young children to death and then got into bed with them. The children ranged in age from 2 1/2 to 2 months old. That is red flag number one. Earlier that morning, Carol had … Continue reading

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Crazy Mothers Club VII

  Yesterday, I was bitching about my hair on facebook, and a friend passed on her mother’s advice about spending too much time at the mirror. I couldn’t even imagine my own mother giving me any advice, although she did … Continue reading

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Family: Part III

  My youngest sister is an anomaly in our family: she is a blond bombshell.  I didn’t meet her until she was 16. One night, she asked me to help with her geometry homework. I was excited to get the … Continue reading

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Crazy Mothers Club V

Today is my mom’s birthday and I’m burning a candle for her. Ever since she died nine years ago, I’ve had a much better relationship with her. I read somewhere that the relationship you have with your mom is in … Continue reading

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Comments For Jane 3/28/2010

Sea has been on the road with Dad, I think to SXSW to hear some awful new bands. She got to hang out with her Asian-ish friend Ronald, but really the main event was her new boots by Maison Martin … Continue reading

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Me Without You

I just saw this movie on TV, late at night, and was haunted by its depiction of a suffocatingly close friendship that revolves around need and control. Have you ever had – or observed – a friendship like that? There’s … Continue reading

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Troubled Teen

My sister found this photo a couple of weeks ago.   I am thirteen, standing on the street with a cigarette, obviously looking for trouble. I found it, but that’s another story. I was a child of the ’60’s, but god … Continue reading

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Vogue Daughter Face-off

Still annoyed by Carine Roitfeld, I remembered how much I love her daughter, Julia… and that Anna Wintour has a beautiful daughter as well. Both Carine and Anna like to pose with the daughters at fashion shows and on the … Continue reading

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