Oh Snap, There’s a New Blackest Black, Anish Kapoor!

After all the fuss over Vantablack, and the artist who managed to get exclusive access to it, there’s a new blackety-black paint that is virtually the same, and this one’s available to the public.

Called Singularity, the new paint was developed for NASA, just like Vantablack, but the company that developed it (NanoLab) is making it available to all artists, starting at only $30 for a nail-polish sized bottle.

In an interview with Hyperallergic, a NanoLab scientist says:

NanoLab offers a coating service to anyone interested in sending us pieces that can withstand the processing conditions for our experienced staff to coat at our lab facility, but we are open to sharing this entire process with any artist that wants to use Singularity Black in their own studio.

I’d like to coat everything in this velvety matte super-anti-reflective black, just as I used to spray-paint everything gold. It was just a phase, but it seemed like gold made everything better, especially things that aren’t supposed to be gold. Unfortunately, Singularity is kind of hard to work with.

el nino malo

Artist Jason Chase is the first artist to incorporate the paint into a piece of art. Titled Black Iron Ursa, it’s a cast-iron gummy bear that Chase has painted black, atop a rainbow hued circular thing. It’s kitsch, in my opinion, but it makes the point that a really fucking black object can be uniquely compelling.

Just to be perfectly clear, Vantablack exhibits lower reflectance in the visible range — about 0.2% total hemispherical reflectance (THR) at 700 nm — and Singularity Black exhibits about 1.15% THR at 700 nm, according to Hyperallergic.

I think that’s a minute enough disparity that it’s safe to say, NAH NAH, ANISH KAPOOR!

Learn more about Singularity, and even order some here.

Black Iron Ursa (c) Jason Chase, 2017
El Niño Malo (c) Sister Wolf

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4 Responses to Oh Snap, There’s a New Blackest Black, Anish Kapoor!

  1. Penny says:

    Call me a philistine but come on, it’s black paint on a gummy bear on a rainbow whirly thing……..but ‘the bad boy’………. that’s seriously creative Wolfie……….love your mind!

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    Penny – Ha, thank you!!!

  3. Suspended says:

    The gold one has the look of a vengeful God (aren’t they always?) Those little guys better run or get trodden on. Ha ha love it!

    The swirly thing looks like a prop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  4. Jlynn says:

    As an American taxpayer, I’m glad that NASA continues to find novel, worthwhile ways to use my money for the betterment of mankind.

    (no sarcasm)

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