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Justin Theroux’s Penis

I hadn’t heard that Justin Theroux‘s penis was an issue until I read a quote from Liv Tyler, his co-star in that awful new HBO series. “There was this scene where he was jogging, and there was quite a large … Continue reading

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Angelina to Jen: Just Kill Yourself!

Each time I see a picture like this, I can feel Jen dying a tiny death, like an oragasm in reverse.   Even this close to death from starvation, Angelina is breathtaking. Swathed in nude chiffon, lips emitting a flourescent glare … Continue reading

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John Mayer, Thy Name is Douche

I know that in the grand scheme of things, celebrities don’t matter, but once in a while they intrude upon my thoughts and sicken me more than a hideous display of fringed boots at Nordstrom. John Mayer is not just … Continue reading

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