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It’s Too Big, So Stop It.

  Big can be good but too big is TOO BIG and that’s where we are now. Look at this stupid safety-pin earring by Balenciaga. I’m going to guess it’s being marketed as a Statement piece. It’s only going to … Continue reading

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Two Good Things

  Look at this crazy ring! I love the concept of a ring that looks at itself. You can buy it here.   Now look at Kitty, Daisy and Lewis. They are siblings from England whose band includes their mom … Continue reading

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Lost Earring

Last night I realized that one of my favorite earrings is missing. It so happens that I only wear one of the earrings at a time, because Keith Richards is still my fashion muse. It’s a long safety pin earring … Continue reading

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Sister Wolf Progress Report

In the last six months, I have gone in and out of various states that are not stages, just different emotional terrain. Shock, disbelief, rage, denial, guilt, and unspeakable agony. It isn’t better as time passes. If anything it is … Continue reading

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Love Offering

My friend Heidi is an artist who makes jewelry and lives in New Orleans. (She wrote about the BP oil catastrophe, here.) When she heard about my leaky roof and similar worries, she made this necklace specifically to help out. … Continue reading

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Ode to Summer

Summer Adeline is a cool girl who I never met until she made me a necklace with a locket for Max’s hair. I only knew her from her website and some blog comments but I had a feeling that she … Continue reading

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The Nose Ring

“The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain.” Karl Marx Many years ago, I got my nose pierced. I think I was going through a rough period, because I remember my husband barging into the tattoo parlor to finish … Continue reading

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Cockroach Shmockroach

I’m obsessed with jewelry made from things that shouldn’t be jewelry, like this amazing piece I found at that pawn shop where they keep the Gimp in the back room.   The people there were SO cute and nice and really … Continue reading

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Discount Ring

I loved this image when I saw it here, even before I realized that the rings were created by Cami and Nadia of Di$count. Check out their stunning photos here.   The design is limited to only 50 rings, and you … Continue reading

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Divine Intervention

If you don’t live in Los Angeles, you may not be familiar with Fred Segal, a retail establishment frequented by pop stars and wealthy anorexics. Long ago, I realized that Fred Segal is in league with Satan. But yesterday, I … Continue reading

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