It’s Too Big, So Stop It.

too big


Big can be good but too big is TOO BIG and that’s where we are now.

Look at this stupid safety-pin earring by Balenciaga. I’m going to guess it’s being marketed as a Statement piece. It’s only going to state, “Hi, I’m stupid, with too much money, go away.”

You may have seen the Kanye-approved it-brand Vetements and laughed, like I have, but the laugh will be on us if this trend doesn’t run its course in a hurry.

Here’s a Vetements shirt, $1,365.


Christ, really?

We get it. It’s big.

I haven’t seen a real person wearing the huge clothes I see on fashion sites, but I know somewhere people are walking around in this shit and feeling edgy and important.

Here’s some more hideous earrings by Balenciaga, another one of Kanye’s buddies.

Just shit, for $1,045!

Just shit, for $1,045!

Balenciaga hoop, as if.

Balenciaga hoop, as if.

Stop it!

Let’s pivot to medium, can we, Kanye?



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9 Responses to It’s Too Big, So Stop It.

  1. Romeo says:

    I was made to understand that the oversized stuff only happened Once In A Lifetime.

    (•_•) ( •_•)>??-? (??_?)

  2. Romeo says:

    Aw, crap!

  3. Mary Liz says:

    Those earrings…unbelievable. I remember the giant gold hoops of the ’80s–but safety pins? They look so heavy…ears lobes will be elongated, the way old men’s are.

  4. Suspended says:

    Oh my word! That shirt makes her look like the fucking Hunchback of Notre Dame. Why would you celebrate such a thing? This world could really do without Kanye. Perhaps a shirt like that makes your arse look smaller.

    Why not just hang power tools off your ears? If this is a game of ridiculousness, you might as well win. I’ll put a drill on one ear and a circular saw on the other, just to be edgy.

  5. Kellie says:

    I have a keychain that looks like the silver safety pin earring. I believe it to be the same size.

  6. Muscato says:

    What’s driving me crazy is that two of the most evocative names in fashion – Balenciaga and Balmain – have been turned into such full-on horror shows. Once upon a time they were about totally refined cutting and exquisite details; now they’ve been… Kardashinated. I’m absolutely waiting for Charles James to be resurrected as a brand catering to the Real Housewives of Somewhere Horrible, and for Schiaparelli’s exclusive new line for Walmart.

  7. Ab says:

    Demna Gvasalia is the creative director for Balenciaga, Vetements is his and his brothers label that they launched.

    Hence why Balenciaga and Vetements are drawing these ‘dramatic’ oversize… (read, what the hell) vibes

    Kanye draws from both Demna and Rick Owens, which is why all his stuff, looks like their stuff and why they’re all buddies.

    To be honest, Demnas made comments that allude to the fact he is well aware his stuff is bizarre, he’s literally trying to see how far and how quickly he can push it before it ‘explodes in his face’… all while making massive bank and laughing maniacally about it.

    Does it count as exploding in your face when that was your end goal from the start? unsure on that.

    Essentially he’s said previously (in not so many words) that he’s just taking the absolute piss and seeing how much money people are willing to spend to be ‘cool’and he doesn’t expect Vetements to last, he just wants to see how long it will last – so pretty much every ‘high end’ fashion designer to an extent, he’s just semi more honest about it.

  8. Sister Wolf says:

    Romeo – Just make it stop, okay?

    Mary Liz – They do look heavy. Not worth the discomfort to make the stupid Over size earring joke.

    Suspended – Hahhahahahahahahhaha

    Kellie – Can you hang it from your ear??

    Ab – I sort of like the view of him as a disruptor, but making fools of rich people is not rocket science. Now lets see him try to design something that’s actually good.

    Muscato – Right? Those two fashion houses were like synonyms for sophistication. Nothing is safe from these rich slobs.

  9. Ab says:

    Love that reply! genuinely laughing as I read that. Very true.

    I won’t link you to the ‘motorbike’ pants he’s releasing this coming season then.

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