Sartorial Coolness and Nonchalant Grace

I’ve had an epiphany and here it is: I don’t want to know about anyone’s personal style!

After reading about Andrea Linett, a nice woman who looks like Sarah Jessica Parker, at, I find the whole Look-at-My-Wardrobe craze to be WAY too much information. It’s all so embarrassing.

People seem to be hopelessly enamored of their own specialness. I hate the word “enamored” but I’m using it to get in the mood. I think the awful prose of the stylikeu wordsmith is rubbing off on me!

Try this: “Among the voluminous amount of people that inspire Andrea is …”

Are you happy with the usage of “voluminous?” Me neither! It just gets worse until you want to stab yourself or puncture your eardrums.

Here’s what Andrea says of her boots:

“Somebody said, ‘I love your go-go boots,’ but they’re not go-go boots. They’re almost like Victorian sneakers or crazy old ice-skates without the blade. I love them.”

She reveals that her style muse has always been Bob Dylan, and she checks her style choices by asking herself, “Would Bob wear this?”   I guess Bob approved the go-go boots, and I wouldn’t want to second guess him. Then there’s some crap about Kurt Cobain’s Iconic Sweater and the gushing appreciation of Ms. Linett ends with…

“The sweater is as much a reflection of her taste for edgy classics, as it is for her sartorial coolness and nonchalant grace. In her layers of patchouli and turquoise, Andrea has a gift for choosing the consumate creative influences, but she is one herself.”

Oh god. It’s not all Andrea’s fault but she has to take some of the blame.

**As an antidote to this terrible journalism, let me introduce someone who can really write:   Leigh Alexander, who was brought to my attention by Lauren, a blogger with some fascinatingly diverse interests.

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  2. e says:

    I know this is an old post but I can’t help but comment… The mom and daughter team who run stylelikeu don’t have enough time to write every single person’s “style blurb” – it’s actually often left to the interns. I notice that there are certainly words misspelled and/or misused – including band and designer names – but it’s not being written by journalists, it’s being written by teens, so I shrug it off.

    Admittedly, I actually was in one of these a while back before it really blew up. I was really hesitant at first precisely because I didn’t want people watching it to assume I was some pretentious idiot. But watching previous people’s interviews (at least a dozen of which are friends of mine) I was really touched by how genuine some of the stories were.

    Clearly if someone is posting about their “amazing” Urban outfitters x Opening Ceremony x Alexander Wang x Jeffrey Campbell outfits every day on their blog it is eye-roll inducing. But then there are times when you see a mysterious, incredible looking freak girl on the streets and wonder about her… What is her story? Where is she from? Where did she get those shoes? It goes both ways.

    While I enjoy/agree with many of them, all the criticisms I read are why I resist starting a blog of my own, even though I think I would enjoy it. I can’t decide that *I* wouldn’t judge myself if I saw my own blog of more outfit postings etc…

    A dilemma indeed!

    Sorry this got so long-winded but I am curious about your opinion, Sister Wolf.

    P.S. I know you dislike Jezebel – as do I – but if you haven’t you should check out It’s the smarter, irritation-free alternative.

  3. e says:

    Oops, I meant to say “While I enjoy/agree with many of them, all the criticism I read on this site

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