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Sister Wolf and Racism

Sister Wolf and Racism from Sister Wolf on Vimeo. Lipstick credit: Russian Red by M.A.C.

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Trending: Wealthy Asian Mom Bloggers

This is Tina, from Bag Snob. This is Mr. Freddie’s Mom, taking a little break. Here is the Life In Travel lady. All three bloggers have young children they adore. All three love to travel and pose. And pose. And … Continue reading

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Keepin’ it Gnarly

Today I realized that I need Gnarlitude to live. Nothing worked to shake off my lethargy and depression until I clicked on her blog. “Uh, seriously, with my black motorcycle boots this would just be beyond fucking hot. Lanvin S/S” … Continue reading

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Not Gala Darling: Natalia Fabia

I don’t know how to break it to Gala Darling, but there’s another pink-haired girl who loves glitter and tattoos and actually has a talent! Natalia Fabia lives in Los Angeles and paints hookers, among other subjects. She is an … Continue reading

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Fashion Editor Styleapalooza

Ali knows that Fashion Editors like attention! Her umbrella is a good way to stab underlings and to teach Tavi how to really block the view at a runway show. See how she has artfully exposed her belly button, too. … Continue reading

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Gala Darling Wants Stuff

Some helpful readers have alerted me to the Gala Darling wish list at Amazon.com, and it has been a revelation. Here I thought those wish lists were for books you wanted to read. The list of 348 items that Gala … Continue reading

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Bloggers With Influence

Aren’t you sick of hearing about which fashion bloggers are influential? Have you ever been influenced by a blogger to do anything besides vow not to make an ass of yourself? Okay, that was a little harsh. Many fashion bloggers … Continue reading

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The Word is Dickhead

Thanks to finding this video here, I now know there’s a word for everything I hate online (because I am largely protected from it in real life.)   DICKHEADS! Everywhere you go,   these Dickheads are there, ruining everything.

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Comments For Gala Darling 9-16-2010

It has been brought to my attention that the blogger known as Gala Darling has stopped taking comments, as if I’m the fucking Minister of Comments.   Fine. I took the time to read Ms. Darling’s emotional manifesto regarding her controversial … Continue reading

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In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. It feels grandiose to use the words of Martin Luther King on the subject of blogging, but I can’t think of anything … Continue reading

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