The Word is Dickhead

Thanks to finding this video here, I now know there’s a word for everything I hate online (because I am largely protected from it in real life.)   DICKHEADS!

Everywhere you go,   these Dickheads are there, ruining everything.

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32 Responses to The Word is Dickhead

  1. mimi says:

    haha love it! dickhead is an old tried and true australian insult we should all embrace.

  2. gretchen says:

    i know that word way too well
    i was married to a dickhead ~

  3. Mary says:

    And here is the Australian version thereof.

  4. I heard there’s a Williamsburg version too…

  5. skye says:

    The only thing saving me from being one of those people is the fact that I am 38 years old. If I was 22 I’d be there, I know I was the 90s version of that – it was fun though. Doesn’t stop me laughing at the video though!

  6. I was considering sending this link to you.
    I basically went to university with the entire cast.

  7. sarah.p says:

    I live there. I recognised the flats, the park, and at least two of the people in the video.


  8. me says:

    dickhead – i reckon the quintessential aussie insult. have used it for years. but here in oz i reckon its directed at total dickheads and those that cling to the latest mode, dickheads. my youngest brother at the moment! you know, cool dude in media, share house in carlton, but still very cute…as i said, total dickheads never lose the moniker, uber-fashionable dickheads do as they are over taken by the next big groove.

    dickhead – what a word!

  9. me says:

    me again – noticed in the clip “richard head” here it would be “richard cranium”.


  10. Hayley says:

    Mary- kudos! I was going to comment with that song but you beat me to the mark haha

  11. arline says:

    That made me so happy!

  12. richard says:

    This video was very inspiring. It made me want to get a real job and contact lenses and sensible pants and listen to more guitar based soft rock.

  13. Esme Green says:

    Yay! The great British insult lives on!
    Love it, they really are a bunch of wankers and tosspots! TOSSPOTS!!


  14. Aja says:

    I loved every bit of this. I used to live across the street from London Fields though. On a summer day there is nothing quite like it (with a six pack of Red Stripe and your mates). Bliss. I really miss it there.

  15. Bessie the Buddha cow: says:

    Ha ha ha! I shall never use the word vegan again, and I shall throw out my leggings (after winter – they keep me warm when worn under my jeans).

  16. Nicole says:

    Oh man, TOSSPOTS! I’m using that from now on Esme!!
    My pals and I have a specific term that we call these kids in the Logan Square and Wicker Park neighborhoods in Chicago…ZONKEYS!
    I think that the donkey and zebra mix perfectly articulate someone who is
    a total ass, but think that they have special stripes!
    All of this is cyclical though..soon they’ll tire of being scumbags and make the shift towards becoming narcissist parents.
    Oy vey!

  17. adrienne says:

    Bwahahaha! I love this. It’s very clever and all of it’s so true. Thanks for sharing, Sister Wolf!

  18. Jaimi says:

    New age fun with a vintage feel!

  19. Cricket9 says:

    Love it! Especially the “something vintage” necklace.

  20. Rudy Zarsov says:

    “Dickhead” is depicted in mime by joining the tip of your thumb to the tips of your other fingers and wanking an imaginary dick on your forehead.

  21. Esme Green says:

    yes Rudy, we all used to do that move at school in the North of England in the 80s!

    The teachers loved us….

  22. Fab spoof and so true mind you on a spare friday night I’d happily do a happy dickhead hour or two!

  23. RLC says:

    I often feel like a dickhead / hipster cliche as I fit a lot of the stereotypes; I have a nose ring, ride a bike, wear fur, hang out with tattooed people, say “rad” and still buy records. Whatever. You have to laugh at yourself. I’m only young and every decade really has a new trend or subcultures that everyone else makes fun of. It’s funny, and that video is so true (although I feel I can honestly say I’m not half as bad as that!) Being a Melbournite the 86 tram song is particularly familiar. Especially walking into a party and falling over 10000000 single speed bikes lying in the hall. Puke.

    Now to my main worry at the moment which is that all the music I listen to is stupid crap from the internet – if it’s not the dickhead song it’s some kind of autotuned eyewitness account from the news that’s been remixed. I actually downloaded the Bed Intruder song! SHAMEFUL. Wonder if they have it on vinyl….(kidding)

  24. Erika says:

    I am older than most of these kids so sometimes I feel bad making fun of them. They do proliferate like roaches where I am living. The phenomenon known as the midwestern hipster who has decided to make Oakland their Mecca. They drink shitty beer and dress like they have no mirrors. It’s the new disaffected youth.
    I just want to say to them, I hated things before you hated them.

  25. RLC – it’s fine, as long as you actually are like that, as opposed to behaving like that because someone said it was the ‘in thing’. (see video lyric ‘dressing like a nerd although I never got the grades’).

  26. P says:

    I wish I hadn’t bleached my hair so much that it grows at a snail’s pace. Or cut it into a bob a while back. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never be able to ‘Lady Godiva’ again.

    (RLC- Looking at the places in your tumblr pictures, I sense that you probably live near me and we probably go to some of the same places and that. I always find it weird when that happens because I’m so used to reading US blogs, for some reason. Just sayin’.)

  27. P says:

    Aaaand I commented on the wrong post. Well done me.

    God, what a tit.

  28. Braindance says:

    P, I am a little bit in love with you, to quote generic Hackney rude boys, you got bare jokes.

  29. Graham says:

    this worries me that I might be a partial dickhead. but some of the things that they do in this video does annoy me.

  30. hammie says:

    Husband was mortified first time I called him a Dickhead. Cultural Divide and all dat.

  31. Tena Davidowicz says:

    A broker named, Jean Paul, moved to Texas and bought a donkey from an old farmer named Ben for $100. The farmer agreed to deliver the donkey the next day.

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