Arbiters of Fashion

These two women can tell us how to dress because _______________.

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56 Responses to Arbiters of Fashion

  1. TheShoeGirl says:

    Because EVERYONE knows drag queens have the best style!

  2. Rob K. says:

    They look like hot dogs. Haute dogs. HA.

  3. Kathleen says:

    No hating on Carine!
    She has style even while wearing one of my pet peeves- open toed boots.
    I mean, boots where, depending on the season, either your legs are warm and toes are cold, or your toes are comfy and your legs are sweltering?

    But yeah, the other gal… go at it…

  4. Joy D. says:

    I like their jobs. But only recently have they become a pseudo household name. They always have and will continue to be the way they are.

  5. hammie says:

    Where is the Hard faced leathery bitch style challenge? I could do this one, Ireland is chocablock with orange make-up and overpriced ugly clothes. xx

    ps. Secretly want the barbie glasses. and some small pink rubbery stillettos to wear with them.

  6. votum says:

    …oftheir shoes alone. The happy hag has stolen supergirls fly boots, which are frickin awesome-o, the wierd looking one has on lace-up, stiletto-heeled, grey-suede lookin, open-toe, open-heel booties – er, hello super-frickin awesome-o.

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