Not Gala Darling: Natalia Fabia

I don’t know how to break it to Gala Darling, but there’s another pink-haired girl who loves glitter and tattoos and actually has a talent!

Natalia Fabia lives in Los Angeles and paints hookers, among other subjects. She is an excellent fine artist and doesn’t seem to give a shit about self-love. From what I can tell, she likes jewelry, kitsch, parties, nature and her cat. Her apartment is remarkably unpretentious and so is she. Here’s one of her paintings.

Maybe girls with pink hair and tattoos are actually a species, and Gala Darling just represents an unfortunate bottom-feeder?

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40 Responses to Not Gala Darling: Natalia Fabia

  1. alittlelux says:

    love her. the gallery the bf installs at did a show with her….

    i’ve always wanted pink hair…

  2. alittlelux says:

    ps- you really should come out for an opening.

  3. Juli says:

    holy crap she is amazing! I love how realistic it is. I like her pink hair much better than Gala’s.

  4. sam says:

    That’s more like it :o)

  5. sharnek says:

    Wow, she can paint.

  6. Esz says:

    Wow – she knows how to use colour! Mad props. LOVE her work – thanks for introducing someone to admire ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. BethUK says:

    That picture is amazing! I’m so jealous of anyone who can draw and paint like that. I have trouble drawing any harder than a hedgehog (usually with a top hat).

  8. Stella Mayfair says:

    wow, natalia’s art blows my mind! thanks so much for alerting me to her, sister. she is amazing!

  9. E says:

    I’m an older lady with pink hair and tattoos – but y’know – I’m not defined by it.
    I do like sequins though ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you for the excellent art links Sister W.

  10. Sonia Luna says:

    Amazing talent! Thank you for the link to the Coates and Scarry blog.

  11. Lara says:

    I can’t paint worth a rat’s ass and I’m sooooo jealous of hyper-realism painting talent! Thanks for this!

  12. Tricia says:

    Wow, she looks adorable in pink hair! That’s not an easy color to pull off. I am definitely not of the species that can do pink locks.

  13. Natty says:

    Anyone with my first name is a cool ass chick! Gala needs to go to art class…

  14. Ann says:

    So talented. And so pretty! I am a fan!

  15. nats says:

    i saw that bubblegum pink hair and i already love her. i wish she would do some podcasts.

  16. Alicia says:

    She’s an excellent painter. The one you posted looks as if it came out of some kind of magazine.

  17. Leticia says:

    Beautiful! Waht an amazing artist!
    Thank you Sister Wolf, nobody tells me anything either!

    I have pink hair and love glitter…no trust fund, snobbish BS, cheap ass self help books, EFT, Nubby Twiglet, etc.
    We need another representative, right?

    Ever considered a pink wig SW?

    You would be the anti-Gala, the bizarro Gala.

    What would be your signature?

    A monkey rat’s ass,
    SW xx
    p.s. fuck you!

  18. She rocks (and has great technique).

  19. Cricket9 says:

    What a talented girl! She gets double points from me for her Polish background and for being a cat person ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Karen says:

    Gala Darling has no class and no talent. Anyone notice she got fired from her writing job at Chinashop after people complained about her heinous writing skills?

  21. What a fine artist indeed. Amazing x

  22. Bessie the Buddha cow says:

    Thank you . . . now I’m even more unhappy, sitting in my cube prison doing my menial little tasks. I must feed the creative thing inside of me or I won’t be able to do my menial little tasks for much longer, and then I’ll be hanging out with my shopping cart on the corner of Rose and Lincoln.

  23. Joy D. says:

    See that? Sister Wolf you are a prevayor of finding bloggers that don’t be regurgitate bs. I am sorry but it had to say it.

  24. Madeline says:

    Ah, fantastic talent! Her style is amazing. Excellent find SW.

    @Karen, Gala’s articles had some of the lowest ratings and meanest comments I had ever seen on China shop. It’s wonderful to see actual talent coming from a pink haired girl and not just rubbish.

  25. SiouxsieL says:

    Thanks for sharing Sister Wolf. This is amazing.

  26. drollgirl says:

    HOLY SHIT! how did i not know about this artist?!?! you are showing me up!!!

  27. jimbo says:

    she looks a bit old for that sort of carry on

  28. HelOnWheels says:

    jimbo – If we wanted your opinion…Oh, who am I kidding. We’d never want your opinion. Go away.

  29. Cricket9 says:

    Could someone please translate for me Joy D. post? What sort of “carry on”, Jimbo? On the second thought, I don’t really need to know.

  30. jimbo says:

    haha its free speech guys. she looks like an old try hard.

  31. Sister Wolf says:

    jimbo – haha no, speak English motherfucker or I’ll ban your comments. That’s how I am now.

  32. Sister Wolf says:

    Sonia Luna – Isn’t it wonderful??

  33. jimbo says:

    why do i have to speak english sister wolf? BAN THEM all you like.. i dont think its going to stop anything though. Yeah you seem like a real WINNER

  34. HelOnWheels says:

    Haha, jimbo. Yours is not free speech. It’s moron and we don’t speak moron around here. If you’re so eager to express yourself, use your right of free speech, why don’t you go over to your buddy Galah’s site. Oh, that’s right, she doesn’t believe in free speech. Seriously, either contribute something of substance, and coherence, or f*ck off.

  35. empire says:

    HelOnWheels you guys are a bunch of hypocrits then arent you.
    Whats wrong with disagreeing with the above “ARTIST” being “WOW a breath of fressssh air shes sooo cool and different”
    Its either agree with the masses on here of FUCK OFF.
    youre all pathetic

  36. Sister Wolf says:

    empire – Okay, thanks.

  37. honeypants says:

    That painting is amazing! I completely envy her ability to paint hair so well. I have always sucked at that. And her use of light! It’s freaking fantastic.

  38. liz says:

    Her paintings are soooo good! I identify with the glitter obsession too. Thanks for posting this!

  39. mag says:

    Gala Darling is despicable. Her writing is rubbish (apparently it has the reading level of a 6th grader, though even that seems high for her) and her message of “self-love” is lost in her fervent consumerism. If you’re on the fence about her, try watching one of her videos and listening to her talk “um, I was really goth, definitely, um it was pretty amazing”. Also her hair looks dead.

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