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Gala Darling Wants Stuff

Some helpful readers have alerted me to the Gala Darling wish list at Amazon.com, and it has been a revelation. Here I thought those wish lists were for books you wanted to read. The list of 348 items that Gala … Continue reading

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Cunt of the Week™: Abdoulaye Wade

President Abdoulaye Wade celebrated Senegal’s 50 years of independence by commissioning a gigantic bronze Soviet-style monument that cost $27 million and was built by workers from North Korea. Wade calls it a monument of The African renaissance, but critics call … Continue reading

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Advanced Hating 101

For a long time, I’ve been thinking about introducing some of my more obscure Objects of Hatred, for anyone interested in post-graduate Hating. I’m talking about raising the bar for those who seek more people to hate besides Chloe Sevigny … Continue reading

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