Advanced Hating 101

For a long time, I’ve been thinking about introducing some of my more obscure Objects of Hatred, for anyone interested in post-graduate Hating. I’m talking about raising the bar for those who seek more people to hate besides Chloe Sevigny or Selma Blair. That kind of hating is child’s play, after all. Everyone hates those two, it doesn’t take any brains or discernment.

My first Object of Hatred in this advanced curriculum is the one and only horror known as Liz Goldwyn. She is the granddaughter of film mogul Samuel Goldwyn and therefore has a huge trust-fund. She has used her buying power to divest eBay and the auction houses of all the best vintage gowns on the market.

So unrelenting is her hunger for more vintage finery that she courted some aging burlesque artists in order to get to their priceless spangled costumes. In her documentary about them, she pretends to have some kind of sociological interest in stripping. What she really wants is to get her hands on the clothes. The best part of the documentary is when a savvy old stripper tells her to forget about getting any of her outfits. She sees right through the horrible greed and manipulation.

I hated Liz Goldwyn before the documentary and I hate her each time I see her name. She recently “sourced” some crappy vintage sweater clips for the shop Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles. When I saw them, I sneered to the sales person, “Did you know you can get these at the VIntage Fashion Expo for around ten or fifteen dollars?” Liz has priced them at something outrageous but I’ve forgotten the figure.

Now to make matters worse, I’ve come across a video clip of Liz visiting the guest house of Tony Duquette, a brilliantly over-the-top designer whose close friend Hutton Wilkinson manages the Duquette estate. If you watch the video, you can see how much Liz wants to keep the jewelry Wilkinson shows her.

She has ‘designed’ her own jewelry for Barneys, and it looks like Duquette-on-a-budget. I fucking hate her. Too much money in the hands of an acquisitive narcissistic bitch like Liz Goldwyn makes the world a tiny bit worse for the rest of us. She has plundered the earth’s finite stores of Vintage treasures, and now she’s messing with Tony Duquette.

I hate Liz Goldwyn and now you can, too!

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15 Responses to Advanced Hating 101

  1. andrea says:

    loved this post! i think i hate her too! looking forward to your next object of hatred!

  2. enc says:

    She sounds vacuous.

  3. Kellie says:

    People like this make me crazy. They have money and think they have a RIGHT to everything!!! There are deserving, fabulous people who should have the things she has.
    AND she has a hideous horse face.
    Serves her right!!!

  4. Tobi Lynne says:

    THAT is a strange lookin’ woman.

  5. Lady K says:

    Mr Ed’s sister perchance?

  6. Suebob says:

    The photo scrolled up on my screen and I was all “Ooh, dress, dress and then NOOOO face, face!”

  7. Jools says:

    I’m with you, Sister Wolf. And her publicist as well. Whatever happened to Noblesse Oblige? Guess it’s Noblesse O’Greed.

  8. Alline says:

    Not to mention her face… omg, she`s ugly!!! And orange lipstick??? For God`s sake!

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    Her horse-face is just the icing on the cake!

    Should we list horse-faces?
    Julia Roberts
    Hillary Swank
    Ann Coulter
    Sarah Jessica Parker

    who am I forgetting??

  10. Lady K says:

    Celine Dion

  11. honeypants says:

    Oh, and Heidi Montag is a horse face.

    I don’t know this foul woman, but I hate her so much now! Thank you!!!

  12. Sister Wolf says:

    How could I forget Celine Dion? I just googled Heidi Montag and saw a definite horse-face.

  13. caro says:

    That is a terrible photo of her, she is actually strikingly beautiful in real life… but yes, slightly irksome in that way that those with inherited wealth and artistic ambitions often are.

  14. Jill says:

    I’m on the hate train with you darlin’! I had NO idea who she was…which would probably piss her off!

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