Trending: Wealthy Asian Mom Bloggers

This is Tina, from Bag Snob.

This is Mr. Freddie’s Mom, taking a little break.

Here is the Life In Travel lady.

All three bloggers have young children they adore. All three love to travel and pose. And pose. And pose. And all three are blessed with bald older husbands! It’s like a club!

Indulgent husbands, photogenic children, a lust for shopping, high end cameras, and the universal female dream of becoming a pin-up girl. Isn’t it wonderful?

If you know of any other Wealthy Asian Mom Bloggers, let me know.   I feel an obsession coming on.

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152 Responses to Trending: Wealthy Asian Mom Bloggers

  1. an Asian says:

    i wasn’t bothered by the blog entry (she just made an observation, no?) and i read through all 100+ comments… and i’m still struck by how inappropriate and disturbing “black aja’s” comment was. WTF, at least have a good grasp of the english language before you hurl insults at someone. wash your pussy? what class …

  2. ali says:

    this is hilarious.

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