All Kinds of Fuckery!

First of all, I see that I foolishly omitted a blogger rocking the black-hat-with-shorts uniform. This one is called Stylorectic and she just had a baby. She seems to really, really love herself and that makes me uncomfortable. I think this may be the   key trigger of my disdain for certain style bloggers. No one should be so in love with their own self. Einstein didn’t love himself that much!

Then there is the-coveted imbroglio.   Here is a blogger who is an institution, whether you follow her or not. And some cunts come along and start a website with the same name.   Then, they send her a threatening letter, demanding that she not disparage them. Ha!   Let us all support freedom of expression.   Join Team Jennine.

Finally, there is the matter of a strange German man who has sent me an extremely nasty and ominous letter about posting one of “his” images, and then warning me that he’s going to give me a lesson in “RESPECT.”

I will not march to the ovens, Mister Respect! Leave me alone! No one can teach me anything, that has been proven over and over again.

I wish the world would stop trying to make me mad. Even temporarily.

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    When I had a baby believe me the last thing I wanted to do was pose for photos in shorts or otherwise xx

  2. Stella Mayfair says:

    this is so wrong! i hope jennine kicks them off the internet. go jennine!

  3. Ashley says:

    Love stylorectic.

  4. WendyB says:

    “I will not march to the ovens, Mister Respect! Leave me alone! No one can teach me anything, that has been proven over and over again.” — This made me laugh!

    Here’s a petition to support Jennine:

  5. annemarie says:

    no way! what bastard is sending you threatening letters?

  6. Joy D. says:

    Big ups to Jeninne: She is ride or die chic! I am pretty upset about someone going after her. She is the nicest blogger on the planet.

  7. Dru says:

    I signed the petition. This is such a blatant attempt to rip Jennine off (the other team seems to have bought a pre-registered domain name a very short while ago), and what’s more all the Big Media outlets bought into it completely. And then they have the cheek to threaten HER because she complained!

  8. Constance says:

    WoW. They went for the jugular. What a blatant rip off. Team Jeanine.

  9. Ann says:

    That Hitler picture is dope.

  10. Dear Sister Wolf
    Love your blog, a recent find to me. I run a UK interiors blog, and have just had some email argey-bargey with a German photographer a couple of weeks ago over a picture. Up to and including veiled threats of violence. Given the photograph subject matter it must be the same guy. I confess seeing he’s obviously doing the rounds is something of a relief, and just wanted to let you know likewise, that he’s clearly trying to intimidate a number of us. Thanks for the stance.
    My Friend’s House

  11. Audi says:

    That whole debacle with The Coveted really pisses me off; Jennine has been working really hard on her site for years, and she certainly doesn’t deserve such shameful treatment. Go Team Jennine!

  12. Erika says:

    It is pretty crappy of them. It’s also comes across as ridiculous and snobby. Their concept is ripped from the Selby and their name is ripped from The Coveted , do they have any original ideas ?

  13. Stella Mayfair says:

    just signed the petition. go go go jennine!

  14. Nickie Frye says:

    What in the world is going on with Jennine? I didn’t know someone was trying to rip off her name. That’s terrible. I had the opportunity to meet her last summer & she is absolutely as cool & sweet as you’d think she is. Off to sign the petition.

  15. annemarie says:

    “Einstein didn’t love himself that much!” –> This line is the definitive proof of Sister Wolf’s comic genius.

  16. Aja says:

    Wow. This whole Coveted debacle is exploding. I signed the petition. Either play fair or take your blog and go home. Pity, I liked the theme of their site but I will not be visiting anymore until they stop with the bullying.

    What’s up with the crazy German man? People who threaten legal action over the internet are wacko. That’s like suing a grocery store over spilled milk.

  17. Aja says:

    Just visited Stylorectic. I like her blog and she seems like she has a good sense of humor! But then again, I wear stupid hats too so sue me! (Or don’t sue me, that seems to be a shitty theme these days . . . )

  18. Sister Wolf says:

    Aja – By now, I expect you to have a contrarian view (re Stylorectic, ugh!) It is not the hats there tat bother me.

    My Friend’s House – !!!!!!!!! What a fucking fucker. I need to know more!

  19. candy says:

    The blogger Stylorectic is okay but she puts lipstic to mock blood when she was pregnant. that yuked me big time! it remined me of the woman in the movie with bruce willis color of night. also she has a pic of a woman with blood on her mouth, I really don’t like this vampire trend…

  20. andrea says:

    I signed the petition too. You would think that these 2 new fashion bloggers would want to set themselves apart and use an original descriptive name for their blog. I guess they are followers, not leaders.

  21. Aja says:

    I am not contrary! 🙂

  22. tartandtreacly says:

    I checked out the pretender site, and everything looks so beautiful but sterile. The photos are so carefully arranged and tastefully shot that they leave LOVE entirely behind.

  23. E says:

    What on earth did they put in the water this week?

    The Veiled German sounds like a prime case of keyboard-warrior-pricktardery.
    Why do we need this? We get all the respect-educating we need from Aretha Franklin.

    The un-Coveted persons need sending to bed with no supper. Mark my words – there will be tears when all their advertisers fall out. Big hug and stiff upper-lip for Jennine.

    Stylorectic – I’m sorry, I can’t – I just need to go and stare at that Romance Was Born frock you posted a day or two ago again, Sister W.

  24. Aja says:

    So I just tweeted the coveted imposters saying they should just change their name and be done with it. And they put me on block. What pompous jerks!

  25. Team Jennine …and you put it all perfectly. Such an ugly girl thing to have stolen a name and, gasp, sicced lawyers on it. Leaving comments on the evildoers facebook “like” page and tweeting nonsense to their absurd makes-you-puke thank you for the Follow Friday to Susie Bubble, BryanBoy, etc. Nasty work and benefitting from absolute name confusion.


  26. Aja says:

    That FF Susie Bubble did make me laugh a bit.

  27. Laura H says:

    About that German man photographer thing, apparently it’s a new scam? I don’t know if it’s one guy who’s trying to milk high profile blogs or some computer automated thing, but I just read about it on a board I’m a member of and the consensus is to ignore.

  28. Swan says:

    Pfffft! What? I didn’t know about this. It looks like they’ve got the boot. People are ridiculous. Ya those names aren’t similar at all :S

  29. Sarah says:

    urgh, I hate outfit posts, all kinds offuckery indeed. love your writing, nothing beats a good dose of eloquent vitriol!

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