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Ask a Man

One of the exciting new features you can look forward to here will be the convenience of A Man to answer your questions regarding male behavior. The feature will be called Ask a Man, and written by my friend Romeo, … Continue reading

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Out, Damn G Spot!

When my friend R suddenly proclaimed herself skeptical about the G Spot during Christmas Eve dinner, I told her she was preaching to the choir. According to R, that idiot “Dr. Oz” was on TV trying to teach people how … Continue reading

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The Broken Dryer: A Poll

Here’s the situation: Tonight, my ex-husband came over to visit and offered to wash a fluffy foot-thing. (Don’t ask, but the tag says it’s washable.) I offered to wash it but he insisted on doing it. He probably thought he’d … Continue reading

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Scumbags, Douches and Jerks

Tonight, some friends and I were discussing some mutual acquaintances. It emerged that there was some confusion about how to categorize certain types of men we disdain. To me, a Douche is instantly recognizable as such. He doesn’t have to … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of the Estee Lauder Lady

I went to Nordstrom with my sister and stopped in my tracks at the Estee Lauder display. A new lipstick promised to say on for 12 hours. I asked the nice Black sales lady to show me the reddest red … Continue reading

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What’s With the Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation?

You just have to ask, What the hell is wrong with these guys? Both Michael Hutchence and David Carradine would have no trouble getting laid. Or even, getting laid in some unconventional way. So why risk death just to get … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Women Dress for Men?

Here is a quote from the blog where I saw this photo: “When I came across this picture on the facehunter a few months ago, I started thinking about [the shoes] night and day. Staring at them didn’t do the … Continue reading

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Do Women Hate Themselves?

A while back, I wrote on the subject “Why Men Hate Women,” and I still get comments from angry men. (If you enjoy angry men, go and look!) Today, after reading some of my email, I’m wondering if women are … Continue reading

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When Men Get Silly

On one of the blogs I like to read for sheer masochistic mental anguish, the mostly male commenters are arguing about the nature of intelligence. They can’t agree what an “intellectual” is, but they know they don’t like it. They’re … Continue reading

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“Are Men Boring?”

Arts & Letters led me to an essay titled “Are Men Boring?”, where I expected to find some breakthrough study that proved the obvious, beyond a doubt. Instead, it was the usual anecdotal findings of irritated wives and girlfriends whose … Continue reading

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