When Men Get Silly

On one of the blogs I like to read for sheer masochistic mental anguish, the mostly male commenters are arguing about the nature of intelligence. They can’t agree what an “intellectual” is, but they know they don’t like it. They’re also going on about Blacks being “cunning” rather than intelligent.

I can’t imagine women having this sort of argument. It’s too silly on the one hand, and too racist on the other. Who gives a shit? Women know what intelligence is and they don’t pretend not to. No wonder men don’t want to talk to us; we can’t take this kind of pompous pissing contest seriously.

Elsewhere, the ever-delightful Mr. Duff, who likes to annoy my commenters, has called them “retards” and “nobodies” in a rant (about intellectuals) on his own blog. Retards, good. We’re Retards. But “nobodies?” What kind of an adult man wants to obsess over the definition of Intellectual and then call a group of people Nobodies?

Men! They are always so confused about what to take seriously. And yet, they buy Extenze. Have we all seen the commercials where a dazed looking woman promises that Extenze will make “that certain part of a man” bigger? The first time I saw it, I yelled “What, his ego?” Which I thought was a really good joke, even though my husband failed to crack a smile.

Now there’s a new Extenze commercial where a married couple sits together looking smug and self-congratulatory. The man says something like he thought is would be “fun” to be “bigger.” The woman agrees suggestively that it WAS “fun.”

Hahaha! What’s wrong with men, I mean people?? A bigger dick is not the answer. I almost hate to break the news, know what I mean? But while looking for Extenze, I just came upon a website called Penis Enlargement Planet. And it’s about penis enlargement. What a waste of a great domain name!

The sillyness of men can be mind-boggling or endearing, depending on the size of their penis. JUST KIDDING! It can also be really frustrating. Take this simple quiz:

Person A asks Person B why they are mad. Person B denies being mad. Person A asks again. Person B states angrily that they weren’t mad, but now they are.

Who is the man, Person A or Person B?

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55 Responses to When Men Get Silly

  1. Sister Wolf says:

    Oh fine, David. I will admit that ‘political power’ is not just an effort towards pussy and/or money, but also an expression of the male’s inherent fear and loathing of Mommy.

    I have written about this extensively. You may disagree until the cows come home, but I will still be right. All male endeavors not designed to acquire pussy are in fact a futile effort to get even with Mommy for being the boss when he was helpless. It is the male condition and cannot be transcended. Complain as much as you want.

    When you can’t get even with Mommy or win the unconditional love to which you believe yourself entitled, you turn to other men for approval. Hence the drive for political power and while we’re at it, for bodybuilding. At this point, you are looking for Daddy or else trying to kill him in your Oedipal fury.


  2. David Duff says:

    My first reply seems to have disappeared into the ether. Let me try again.

    I was not sure whether your remarks above were a joke or not. However, I have just read your latest post on “crazy mothers” which seems to have a streak of genuine pain and anguish in it so I assume you wish me to take the comment above seriously, which I will do in the comments to that particular post rather than here, given the inordinate length of thethread.

  3. Sister Wolf says:

    David – Nope, not a joke. HOWEVER! It is about men, and does not apply to women. Infant girls are able to identify with Mommy, since they are the same gender and will one day get to be Mommy. Thus, this identification allows them to experience the helpless condition differently.

    You were silly to take this subject into another thread. Particularly when I outlined the purpose of the Crazy Mothers Club. Support and camaraderie, not attacks. Not a place to argue your philosophy or display your knowldege of Marx and Freud, or even Jewishness.


  4. Juri says:

    Male bonding at its finest:

  5. cker says:

    Yup! You never see women lifting their shirts and bras to compare breasts and nipples. Men!

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